Sesame Street Live – Elmo Makes Music


Sesame Street Live – Elmo Makes Music

August 6, 2012

Yesterday evening we had the pleasure of going to see Sesame Street Live at Northlands.  This show was certainly a lot of fun. I was a little scared at first, to be honest. If anyone knows what a 16 month old toddler is like; well it can be difficult to keep them in one place long. Off we ventured anyways. 🙂

The fun really began when M was taken out of the car. She really loved wandering the hallways of the Expo Center. I’m not sure if it was because we went to the later show at 4:30 or if the event was just small enough that there wasn’t a huge amount of people, but it was certainly nice being able to let her roam the halls. Burn some energy before the show?

When we walked in the stage was all lit up and instantly M was interested in what was going on. The lights were down making the stage and the cotton candy and t-shirt vendors near magical. You can’t go to a show without a treat so we got a snow cone and sat down. Word of advice….. don’t get the snow cone. Or at least have lots of wipes and not a brand new shirt on. 1 point super red sugar juice, 0  for mom who knows better.

The show began and her eyes lit up. I was surprised she was so into it, being so young. She actually sat on my lap for the entire 45 minutes until intermission. I enjoyed myself a lot too. I love how smart the people are that put these kinds of shows on. Bright colors and fun characters to make the kids happy, but use funny references and good music to keep the parents entertained. I heard jazz, hip hop and even busted out “Staying Alive” with Bert all dressed in a white suit. I was certainly rockin’ out. Very clever indeed.

The characters came down onto the floor quite often and shook hands and took pictures with the children. I saw kids from 6 months to 12 years old having the time of their life. I secretly wanted an Elmo hug but he stayed on stage. I imagine to ensure there was no children feeling left out. Because of course everyone loves Elmo!

At intermission there was a play zone we could take the kids down to. There was stand ups of the characters at different stations with a button they could push and it would talk to them in the characters voice. Pretty cute. Some of the stations had stools they could stand on and have their picture taken too.

We went back to the show, but it was past M’s dinner time and after a crazy weekend away, so we left after another 10 minutes.  Another energy burning wander around the Expo Center and off we went. We had a great time and I hope to see this show back again, especially the older M gets. 🙂

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