Work After Baby


Work After Baby

August 12, 2012

To work or not to work. That is the question. Or the million dollar question actually. It’s something some parents struggle with and others have no doubt in their mind. Commonly when I ask a mom who is currently on their year maternity leave I hear, “I’m not sure exactly”. To be honest I love my work at home mom job and I still struggle on probably a weekly basis.


I know this is usually the very first thing looked at when considering to stay at home with kids. Is there enough of it to go around? Can I earn extra somehow and not go back full time? Or the one I hear a lot “After gas, work clothes and daycare, is the money made worth it?” I remember once talking to an accountant friend about this. She gave a pretty good argument for returning to work. She told me you have to consider the annual/biannual wage increase and loss of advantage of wage increase or better positions for the years you are not at work. Interesting points.


Being With Your Children

Everyone wants to spend time with their children. Heck we had babies for a reason right? Some people want to be with their children for the first few years. Be the ones to teach them certain things or just enjoy having that time with them. My husband, when I was pregnant said to me “How will we know if something is wrong, if she cant talk yet?” I’m sure we would know, but hey valid point. The other side of that is almost the same point. Having children in daycares and dayhomes exposes them to other children, adults and ways of doing things. Some daycares and dayhomes also really focus on learning in a lot more structured way then we might at home.


Personal Independence

This one is my struggle. Being a separate, independent person from being Mom. I want to be Jen sometimes too. Yes we are the same person, I do not have a personality disorder, but I know you know what I mean.  🙂 Is it possible to maintain an appropriate sanity level when you are watching children? For you at least. Me? I have my moments, but the above paragraph keeps me fairly grounded. I guess you have to find your own thing. I love being a Mommy Connections Director. It allows me to be with M and also still be Jen. Some moms sell Epicure, Avon,  or other home based direct sell businesses. Some find work at home doing data entry, some start businesses and some put all their attention and efforts into their children. And some go to work full time.  It’s a hard balance either way.

I know this probably didn’t help make a decision, but know you are not alone when you are sitting at your office desk, playroom or home computer thinking “what am I doing?!?!?”

How did you decided to stay at home, work at home or work full time?

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