Lifeus Interruptus


Lifeus Interruptus

August 23, 2012

Hi my name is Jennifer. It has been 17 months (maybe 22 including pregnancy) since my last uninterrupted sleep. I know I have a problem, but it doesn’t seem to be in my power to solve it. Please someone grant me the ability to tune out anything that may wake me.

Okay, as a mom I can accept my lack of sleep. Well not accept it but learn to live with more like it. But I swear there is nothing I can do in my day to day life that does not get interrupted!

I can’t remember the last time I ate an entire meal, sitting down without getting up until my plate has been cleaned and/or my stomach has started to digest what I’ve put in it.

Showers are cut short or spent cold while my toddler is waving the curtain back and forth, make up is thrown on before M spills powder all over the bathroom and so on.

The one simple bloody thing I ask for myself; let me watch my show! I realize how old fashioned and so t.v depicted “let me watch my stories” this sounds, but COME ON! I am a Big Brother addict. I love it so much my cat is named Julie after Julie Chen. I PVR the show, because half the time I cant’ watch it uninterrupted. As my other shows I try to watch them while M is napping and my husband is out of town working. It’s my little thing I do that is my time.

Well, my Dad is staying with us for a while, as they move here from B.C until they get into their new house. He has gone to work, M is napping and I’ve showered, the perfect time has arrived. I will watch my show. With 5 minutes left, the nominations have been set and the juicy outrages are being shown…. and my father walks in like a bull moose in a china shop as he would say. Loud and asking me all these questions! I tell him I am just watching my show and he continues! Ahhhhhhh! Please I just want these last 5 minutes!

He of course laughs at me afterwards with a little joke about leaving because he’s “ruining my life” by interrupting my show. I know it seem so trivial, but one thing, just one thing is all I wanted.  *sigh* I guess I will be PVRing my shows and taking the box and a t.v to be plugged into a outlet in a parking lot used for keeping cars warm in the winter. I’m assuming that is the only way this is going to happen……

Sadly I must end this interrupt this post and end it briefly, because my daughter is waking from her nap. *bigger sigh*

How do you get your time in?

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