Mama, Get Your Sexy Back – Part One


Mama, Get Your Sexy Back – Part One

August 28, 2012

For those that know me and those that don’t and read my blogging, you’ve figured out by now I write about a lot of personal experiences as a mom. This one though, is a doozey! Tomorrow I am going to Ellamae Boudoir and getting boudoir pictures done, and yes sharing the whole experience with you from a moms perspective.

I know first hand, that being a mom isn’t exactly the “sexiest” thing out there. After having a baby, no matter how big, small, short, tall and otherwise, it’s hard to feel great about yourself and your body. Now believe or not, apparently getting half naked and having someone take pictures of you and all your self consciousness is one of the most liberating feelings. I’ve been told that you loose the insecurities about your mummy tummy, forget your stretch marks and enjoy being one sexy mama.

So for the sake of being everyone’s lab rat, I will take the leap and blog about it for you. I’ve always been one to jump into things, but I will admit to you completely….. I am nervous. I know things can be edited and touched up so you look amazing no matter what. I think the fear mostly comes from a) there will be the photographers in the room still b) what if I make a fool of myself and c) well I am sharing it with the world after all.

I am also excited at the same time of being on the brink of peeing my pants. I recently met with Edmonton boudoir photographers Lorena Smalley and Amanda Adkins at their wonderful photo studio located in Edmonton’s west end.  Ellamae Boudoir is a boutique photo studio designed for boudoir photography and with their tag line “Boudoir photography for REAL WOMEN”, I thought I should check it out! It is very cozy and private, without being awkward. The studio is just for the purpose of boudoir too. They don’t do family portraits or Christmas cards (not the ones you send to your Nana). So everyone who works there, is on the same page, the props are appropriate and the studio is warm. 😉

As I leave you with the anticipation… dun dun dun…. of waiting for the next blog post, check out the confirmation email I got for my appointment tomorrow.


What to Bring

  • Time to unleash your sexy! While the Ellamae Girlfriends Closet is open to everyone we do ask that you bring your own push up bra and panty set that you can layer with other items. What else? Great ideas are those killer heels (*don¡¯t worry if you can¡¯t walk in them, you just slip them on when you are in place!), lacy slips, sexy dresses, black stockings and slinky garments.
  • Not comfortable revealing too much? No problem! A fitted tank, sexy dress or playful wrap can cover just the right amount. We have discovered that corsets are the bomb! We have hooked up with Aimee from Godiva¡¯s and absolutely love layering her stuff over your outfit. Check out our blog.
  • Layer with your favorite jewellery to make your image complete! We have stocked the Ellamae Girlfriends Closet with a great selection of stylish jewellery and accessories.
  • And don¡¯t forget to surprise him by secretly bringing in his favorite shirt, tie or work gear¡­ every time he puts them on he will not be able to get you out of his mind!

Arrive at the Studio

When you arrive at Ellamae come upstairs to the studio where you will be greeted by one of our all female staff. You will be taken into the Ellamae Girlfriends Closet to change into a luxurious robe that will cover you and keep you warm for the remainder of your time. We will give you time to ask questions and let us know any information you want to pass on. Then its time to be pampered!


Hair & Makeup

Hair and Make up take 1.5 hours prior to your shoot to allow our professionals the time they need to transform you into a knock-out supermodel! Drink some champagne, feast on the treats, relax and enjoy being pampered. Then be prepared to be blown away by the results!

Boudoir photography demands a different make up type and application than normal. Combined with the right hair styling, it will make all the difference in your shoot!  We choose to work directly with select makeup artists and hair stylists. They are fun, passionate and blow you away talented as they transform mere mortals into goddesses!


After hair and makeup you will meet with your photographers to choose your sets and style your image. Together you will browse through what your brought to wear for your session.  We will also go into the Ellamae Girlfriends closet to choose the perfect lingerie, jewellery, shoes and accessories to make your look complete! You will be given an opportunity to ask any questions and just chat about your experience. Then you will shown to a private dressing room to get ready for your shoot.

Your Shoot

It is so much fun! We can’t tell you how many clients start off a little nervous and shy then by the end are banging off looks that amaze even us. Be assured there is a supermodel in every woman! You will be coached and guided every step of the way. With have over 15 years experience working with clients we know exactly the right lighting and posing techniques to make you gorgeous. It is our passion to find your unique beauty and make that shine! You get to relax, enjoy and just have fun!


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