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Month: November 2012

Where To Unload Your Kid Stuff

November 22, 2012

You are done having children and so are your friends and family. Your babies are all grown up *tear*. Now it's time to pass on your stuff for someone else to love. There are a lot of ways you can…

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Second Time Mom Worries

November 21, 2012

Another 23 weeks seems like ages still, but it's not. It seems it's not that much time to spend with my daughter before we become a family of four. I feel almost more unprepared for this baby, then I did…

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Old Wives Tales on Baby Gender

November 19, 2012

Did you find out the sex of your baby or did you wait for the surprise at the end? I love hearing all the old wives tales of baby gender. Whether it was only for the first 20 or so…

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Pregnancy Will Not Be My Excuse

November 16, 2012

Staying healthy while pregnant With my first pregnancy, I lost like 14 lbs in the first trimester from being so darn sick. I saw this as an excuse to start gorging on food once I could eat. I ate and…

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Child Information Kits

November 13, 2012

We recently had one of the Edmonton Police Service officers come in and talk about safety tips at our Mom & Baby program. I wanted to pass on the great info for Child Information Kits that Constable Reid Nichol shared…

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EASY, Hearty, Healthy and Homemade Soup

November 7, 2012

A soup lover and vegetarian, I am always on the hunt for great protein filled and hearty soup. I had a bowl for dinner and was stuffed. And the best part my friends? It took about an hour. Yep, soup…

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