Fathers Day Bouquet


Fathers Day Bouquet

June 6, 2013

My husband got me gorgeous bouquets of flowers for Mother’s Day. They were personalized with the girls’ initials on them. So I thought I would give him the same sort of thing.

I started with a bucket, oddly enough was given to my husband when he bought a case of beer. Was then spray painted black. I put some beer in it, because well it IS his favorite and its a nice filler.


I bought a few little trinket type tools at home depot. Right now there is tons of sales and small packs of multi piece tool sets for good prices.


I then made my bouquet. This is the tools above, the beer and three ratchet straps. (My husband loves those)


Finally I’m a giant dork and hot glued some nuts and bolts on cardboard and made these signs that say “We are nuts a-bolt you”. Don’t mind the grade 5 writing with a marker I did there. I had like 5 minutes while the 5 week old and 2 year old was quiet.


Voila! My cheesy finished product.

Are you do anything special for your husband for Father’s day?

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