Come Home Outfit Shadowboxes


Come Home Outfit Shadowboxes

January 26, 2014

I, like most mothers kept/keep a lot of things of my children’s that have a lot of memories and sentimental value. One of the things I kept from both babies was the outfits we brought them home in. I didn’t want them to just sit in a box for the next 10, 20, 30 years until maybe they are accidentally thrown away or something. These two dates were very life changing so I wanted to celebrate by putting them on display in my home every day.


I made these shadow boxes to look at them everyday and think about their births and bringing them home and how our life’s are just so amazing. They are very simple. The supplies you need:

  • Outfit
  • Any additional accessories such as the hat or blanket they were brought home in
  • Paper (you can hand write or print it off)
  • Embellishment
  • Pins and hot glue
  • Shadow box (I bought these at Michael’s. They were $55 each but bought when they were having a buy one, get one free sale. Even still a good deal when you use their 40% off coupon.)
  1. Firstly I laid out on the pad the box comes with, how I wanted to put everything.
  2. I bought some pink pearl pins from Michael’s as well. They were about $4. I liked that the pins were girly and kind of unnoticeable. I pinned the outfit down and then the hat by just sliding it in horizontally.
  3. Using Word I made up little labels and printed them on cardstock to hopefully have them last long. At first I tried to hand write them, thinking it would be a cute touch, but my writing is awful and I don’t want my grandchildren knowing I was sloppy at writing!
  4. I cut and hot glued the cardstock down. I did this instead of the pins because I added a small border around the cardstock with some embellishment style thread I also got from Michael’s in their $1.25 bins.
  5. Turn over and put back into the box and voila! you have gorgeous memories on your walls.


  • I maybe would have bought a box a little bigger to put the hat above the outfit. Then I wuld have had some room to layer on a small object they loved at birth. Like my second was swaddled all the time and I would have used some of a muslin blanket she was in a lot.
  • Add a picture. I did print the first pictures taken of them to put in. It didn’t seem to fit right, but I still might add them in.
  • Maybe add a thought or memory or song etc to the cardstock. Here we have the girls’s name, birthdate and time, as well as weight and height.


*Dont mind the dirty glass. I did clean it before hanging!boxes

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