Fitness on the Road: Staying Active on Vacay


Fitness on the Road: Staying Active on Vacay

July 20, 2017

As many mamas can relate to, keeping on a consistent fitness routine with littles in tow can be a challenge when at home. Timing classes accordingly, childcare (if needed), motivating yourslef after (or before) a day at work can be a challenge. I have definitely found my groove at home in Edmonton with my ladies at Fit on 45th
The ladies there have seriously helped me transform over the past months, and I’ve never felt better, physically and mentally!

As some of you know, I work in education, so am so fortunate to have summers off, and am able to spend the days with my littles! We write lists of things we want to do and check those times off 1 by 1! Always on the list is a visit to grandma and grandpa in Kelowna.
This year, recovering from a minor surgery and trying to keep active has been a challenge the past month. I really wanted to keep moving and building strength while away from home base. I did a bit a bit of research before coming out and found MOGA
I was so looking forward to checking out a few classes while we were in Kelowna, and I was SO glad I made time to do so!
Having been mainly making time for myself and fitness, with the help of my fantastic husband, I was leaving kiddos at home when I went to my classes. I have been used to sweating it out and coming home to hugs and “I’m proud of you mama” from the littles.

MOGA gave me the opportunity to experience having your littles beside you while you sweat it out again, which I haven’t done for while! The first class I tried, I had left both kiddos with grandma and grandpa, but felt so comfortable and welcomed by both the class instructor Tessa, studio manager Kelly and all the beautiful mamas and their littles, ranging from newborn up to 8 years old! From the perspective of a new mom to a teeny tiny or busy toddler, the studio was setup in such a way that was so safe, inviting and stocked full of perfect little additions to keep littles happy and mamas comfortable. Think beautiful play area with age appropriate toys for the busy babies, plus cozy, comfortable chairs for nursing, and an equipped bathroom with change table, wipes, extra dispaer and more!

I had to go back, so signed up for a cool sounding Yoga Strength class. I planned to simply have Aasha sit on the sidelines and color or play, but Kelly welcomed her right into the class, providing child sized yoga mats and little weights just for her. What an opportunity for her and I to spend some time together, and keep active. MOGA also offers other great options for classes, like Music and MOvement for kiddos, and we were fortunate enough to be able to stay after our fitness class, and experience the fun of music with Ms. Sarah!

Moral of this story, there are fabulous options out there for you to explore while keeping active during vacation. Could I work out on my own on the beach or in the backyard? Sure. But classes have always been more motivating for me, and I was so happy to have found a spot that offers affordable, fun classes, where kiddos are welcome to most all classes!
If you’re in the Kelowna area, for summer sun or winter skiing adventures, and are in need of a fitness class or two to keep your heart pumping, make sure you check out options available to you! MOGA was such a great find for me, and I’ll certainly be back on future trips to Kelowna!

Xoxo Ally

*options in this post are my own. I did not receive compensation from MOGA or Fit on 45th, just simply wanted to share my golden find!

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