Unplugged: Going Smartphone Free for a Week, Entry 1


Unplugged: Going Smartphone Free for a Week, Entry 1

October 4, 2017

Entry 1:

October 4th, 9pm

This afternoon, I powered off my iPhone (aka sidekick) for a week. I am still in a state of mild shock, and currently my thumb is twitching, wanting to refresh my Instagram feed before bed.

A little background: I was approached by friends at Global Edmonton about a little experiment they wanted to run, and they were asking if I knew of anyone that may be interested in participating. Without really thinking, I replied that I would “LOVE” to give it a try, and see what it felt like to be totally “disconnected” for a week. Who says that?!

For those of you that don’t know me well, I am a mom of 2 littles (ages 4 and 6), and wife to a super guy who also works his tail off and helps with driving kiddos in all directions for activities. I work in the Early Learning field for Edmonton Catholic Schools during the day, and run Mommy Connections West Edmonton, and my newly acquired location of Mommy Connections Kelowna at night (or really anytime throughout the week when I plan time to respond to emails, make/take phone calls and plan programs and events!). I rely on my smartphone ALOT to get work done and keep on top of all aspects of running a small business, from marketing to social media posts to planning and booking presenters for programs. To say I “NEED” my smartphone would be an understatement. In reality, I have built a bit of a dependancy on it, which at times, can be more of a hindrance than a help. I’ve definately had my husband ask me to put my phone away on a date, or had my daughter repeat a question because “you were looking at your phone, mom”. I want to take this opportunity to see what I can do to be more present, organized and use my time more effectively.

Fast forward to today, when reality came crashing down, in form of an LG flip phone, circa 2004, which will be my only form of “on the go” communication for the next week. That’s right, a flip phone. No checking emails on the fly. No social media at my fingertips. No quick texts. No snapping cute photos of the kids and using filters before posting. Nada.
The “rules” are simple. I can use the flip phone to make/receive calls if needed. I can use the fli phone to text (although, if any of you remember these babies, you’ll remember how long it actually took you to send a text! I tried tonight, and it was a good 8-9 minutes for a 2 liner to my husband). I can still use my laptop for emails at home, and my iPad for my work and business.
Easy enough right?! I can do this. I CAN! Follow along the next few days and see what trials and triumphs I encounter!
(Currently, I am attempting to remember my actual email log-in info so I access my webmail account and get to work on emails from today!)

Xoxo Ally

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