Unplugged: Going Smartphone Free for a Week. Entry 2


Unplugged: Going Smartphone Free for a Week. Entry 2

October 7, 2017

It’s been 72 hours now. 72 hours since Laurel Gregory “ripped” my iPhone from my shaking hands (jut kidding. I added it over very willingly, but my hands were shaking/twitching already from anticipation of being disconnected)
I’ve been doing my Mommy Connections emails in the early am (before kids are up) and in the evenings (after kids are in bed). Have I been more productive? It’s hard to tell. Do I feel less stressed? Most definately. Perhaps because I’m not constantly innondated with emails on my phone, reminding of things I need to do, and having that nagging feeling I’m always behind!

Ok, a busy Saturday morning filled with hockey practice and ballet. And no smartphone. What is a mom to do? Will I actually, GASP, have to engage in conversations with other parents?!

Now, I’m not saying I’m anti-social and avoid chatting with others. But, I would much prefer to reply to some emails and schedule some social media posts for Mommy Connections than chit chat about the week and how much driving has already been done, and what the plans are for Thanksgiving.
But this am, I really had no choice. I had to engage. And guess what, it wasn’t half bad! I chatted with the team manager and learned some “inside” hockey tips for littles, like how to properly tape hockey socks and what to do when he says he feet hurt (slightly loosen the laces, have him wiggle his toes and re-tie). I also noticed a fellow dance mom, at hockey, and we chatted about car-pooling (bonus!) in future weeks for dance!

While I didn’t have my iPhone to take some cute photos of our littlest peanut on the ice, I did have the opportunity to really watch him and cheer him on when he skated (more like shuffled) by! I was at the glass, giving him a thumbs up, instead of using to thumb to refresh my Instagram feed for the 3rd time. Win?!

Up for joining me for the last 4 days?! Come on! I dare you!!

Xoxox Ally

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