Echinaforce Junior: A Review


Echinaforce Junior: A Review

December 3, 2019

Last year, cold and flu season was a nightmare in our house! It felt like every other week, one of our two kiddos were coming home with a cough, runny noise or fever. Paired with the fact that my full-time job includes teaching little ones just starting their school adventure (read: my students are just learning about keeping germs at bay!), we felt like we couldn’t get a handle on being completely well! By Spring, we were all exhausted and felt discouraged.

Fast forward to this year. We had the opportunity to try out Echinaforce Junior, a supplement from A. Vogel, for children 2+ years. Each small, chewable tablet, is 400mg of fresh Echinacea. As an adult, I take Echinacea daily to support my immune system, but never thought of it for my own children.

We started giving the tablets to our children (aged 6 and 8), in August, as a prep for the start of school. Fast forward to now, and I can confidently say that I am a believer!! I feel like we had such a better handle on illness this year, and the one time both of kiddos were ill, the severity and duration of their colds were so short in comparison to last year.

Anything to help support those little immune systems has me sold. We will definitely continue to use Echinaforce Junior in our household! You can learn more about A.Vogel’s products here

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