DIY Floral Crown {Trendy Tot Tuesday}

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You know those photo shoots where you see little ones wearing the sweetest little floral crowns?! Well I have been swooning since I first came across an image of a little one on Pinterest wearing the sweetest little floral crown, but when I looked up several different etsy shops to purchase one for my own sweet little girl I realized they were extremely expensive. I knew it must not be that difficult to make them on your own and after watching several YouTube tutorials I came up with one myself.

FC 1
Scissors and or wire cutters
Wire (the green floral wire is best)
Floral tape
Assortment of imitation flowers (this is the best part because you get to choose what kind of flowers you like)
FC 3FC 2
All you have to do is size the wire on your little ones head and cut accordingly (leaving a little extra). Bring ends together to form a circle and then wrap the wire in floral tape (If you have the green floral wire you can skip wrapping it). Arrange your flowers as you like onto the wire, kind of like you’re arranging a bouquet, attaching them as you go with the floral tape. You could probably use a hot glue gun too but I found this simpler and probably a bit more secure. Lets face it though, your little one probably wont keep it on their head for more than a photo shoot anyway πŸ˜‰
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