Lethbridge Outdoors


I feel like I know Lethbridge pretty well, and still I will find local resources that pleasantly surprise me - maybe some of these will be pleasant surprises for you! Lethbridge has quite a large amount of outdoor activities available…

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Mother’s Day Questionnaire


Please feel free to download this free Mother's Day Questionnaire to do with your children! All About Moms  

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Halloween “Bum-kins” – An Easy Fall Baby Craft


Making a "Bum-kin" painting with your baby is such a cute and easy keepsake craft to make this Halloween season! We all might think of using baby's feet or hands to make keepsake artwork...but this craft uses their cute tiny…

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Picnic In the Park – Lethbridge Summer 2019


Mommy Connections Picnic In The Park – Saturday July 27th at Nicholas Sheran Park Summer is here and we’re excited to celebrate – Mommy Connections style! Join us for a FREE community Picnic In The Park at Nicholas Sheran Park…

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Organizing the Playroom – One Small Victory at a Time!


I have been on a mission in my house, an organizing mission! My theory is that every single thing in a house should have it's own "home", a place where it belongs and everyone knows where it goes. And, having…

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Favourite Five: Lethbridge Fall Trade Shows & Markets


With the end of summer coming we know that means leaves will be changing, temperatures will begin to fall, children and teachers will be headed back to school, and we all have to switch back to regular life. But fall…

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Mommy Connections Picnic In the Park – Saturday, Aug 18 – 11am-2pm – Gyro Park


Join Mommy Connections Lethbridge and the Lethbridge Public Library for a FREE community Picnic In The Park at Gyro Park on Saturday August 18th at 11am. We will be hosting these events across the country as a way for all of our…

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Favourite 5 Lethbridge: Postnatal Fitness Classes


Getting active again after baby is a whole new world: your body is different, you now have a baby (or babies) to accompany you, you aren't quite sure what will work for you now, and this can all end up…

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