Halloween “Bum-kins” – An Easy Fall Baby Craft

Making a “Bum-kin” painting with your baby is such a cute and easy keepsake craft to make this Halloween season!

We all might think of using baby’s feet or hands to make keepsake artwork…but this craft uses their cute tiny pumpkin butts, and it is probably the cutest pumpkin you will ever make!

What you need to make your very own Bum-kin artwork:

How to make your Bum-kin Painting:

Start by making sure you are doing the craft in a safe spot, on the floor is the safest and easiest spot, but make sure you are prepared for the possibility of pee happening (even though we take safety measures – babies can be sneaky and still get some out) and if you have a roller or mover, make sure you are on a surface that is easy to clean. We did our crafting on my class yoga mats that are easy to clean, and I am not worried about them getting paint on them.

Once you are ready to get crafting make sure you have paint poured in your dish, a little bigger than a toonie size is all we used, have wipes out and ready to be used (2 wipes were more than enough for each baby in our class, and the ages ranged from just a couple of months old to around 10 months), and baby distractions are strategically placed for baby to reach and play with or listen to. Place your opened diaper down on the floor/mat in front of you and get baby naked from waist down, placing them on their bellies on top of the diaper *pro-tip: curl the bottom of the diaper, closest to you, up a little so that there is no chance of pee flying down towards you. Now use the sponge dipped in the orange paint to start painting baby’s bum using dabs instead of strokes, don’t worry about perfection – but remember: the rounder you paint the circle on that little bottom = the rounder your Bum-kin will be!

Once your little one’s bottom is covered in paint, take the canvas and press it onto your baby’s bum *you do not need to press hard at all, just enough for a little print from their cheeks!

Lift the canvas off and place outside of baby’s reach. Now it is time to use those wipes for what they were made for – getting baby bottoms perfectly clean.

As you wait for the paint to dry (doesn’t take all too long), take some time, as much time as you like – that canvas isn’t going anywhere, to cuddle and snuggle your little one – they did SO good painting their first ever Bum-kin!!

Once baby is happy and you got all the snuggles you like for the moment, check to make sure paint is dry and once it is use the sharpies to draw the stem, leaves, vines, and lines (if you wish to add shape lines or outline the Bum-kin). I also suggest writing something on it as well, for example our moms wrote things such as: Baby’s First Halloween, Baby’s Bum-kin, Our Little Bum-kin, Cutest Bum-kin in the Patch. And I always encourage writing the date, even if it is only on the back!

Admire your and your baby’s work, whether it is the first craft or one of hundreds that you have already done – it sure is cute, isn’t it!?!! Proudly display your piece of artwork so that all your friends and family can admire the cutest little Bum-kin ever made!!

As soon as your baby has control of their hands and fingers you can start doing this craft with them. Not only does it make a sweet keepsake, but you can also use this for cards and crafts of all kinds! Is grandma or grandpa’s birthday coming up? Perfect, let your baby design their birthday card, any grandparent would be thrilled to get a homemade card from their grandchild! This craft is simple and quick to put together and super easy for your little one to do.

Baby-Safe-No-Mess Painting:

Material Needed:

Step 1: Get your paint colours picked out. I recommend using colours that will blend nicely, unless you are going for mustard brown, you want to pick complimenting colors (some examples: green-blue-teal, pink-purple-rose, red-blue, yellow-red-blue, yellow-green, yellow-pink, teal-blue-silver)

Step 2: Size and cut paper to fit inside your plastic zipper-seal sandwich bag.

Step 3: Squeeze globs onto the paper inside the plastic bag, the size of globs I used were more than enough to have the paper covered in the paint, I probably could have used even a little less than I did. Once your globs are on the paper, seal the bag ***Make sure the zipper-seal bag is sealed tightly – this is imperative for your little one to remain clean during the “painting” process! Also, try to seal it with little to no extra air in the bag, you want it nice and flat.

Step 4: Let your child go nuts with it, the babies I have done this with have smacked and smeared the bags along the floor, crumpled it up, sat on it, and played with it like an accordion – anything works, just NOT in the mouth. ***keep a close eye as these bags are not entirely baby proof and the zipper seal *could* come undone, I have also had a pin sized hole in one of the bags and it just takes a tiny bit of paint to make a mega-mess. If you don’t want your little one to be playing too roughly with the bag you could also useΒ tape to secure it to the floor/table/highchair tray and then they can just smack, smear, and finger draw the paint around.

The paper inside the bag will be pretty soaked by the end of painting time so the next step is my secret trick to help preserve their amazing art-work just as they made it.

Step 5: FREEZE IT! Don’t open the bag, take it straight to the freezer and make sure you have it laying flat on something and allow it to freeze overnight.

Step 6: In the morning you can pull the frozen painting out and now carefully remove the plastic bag (you may have to cut the bag as the paper may be a little hard to get out of the bag otherwise) and place in a safe and flat spot ON TOP of wax paper. The painting will now thaw and start to dry.

Step 7: Marvel at the amazing piece of art YOUR baby created!! Hang it for all to see, frame it to keep for decades, put it in their baby book, whatever you do with it – enjoy it!

These are great to use in cards for loved ones, depending on how much paint was used you may be able to even cut the painting into a shape to glue onto the front of a card. If it looks like it may flake (overly saturated paintings may flake apart), you could cut the shape out of the center of another piece of paper and lay that sheet over as a frame. You could also use these with self-laminating sheets to make bookmarks, coasters, key-chains, fridge magnets, and so much more, the list is endless!

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