Well Hello, Bello!


  In a household with 2 year old twins and an 8 month old, we go through a LOT of diapers and baby care products! I am so happy we tried the Hello Bello diapers from buybuy BABY Canada – these diapers are the…

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Natural Paint Brushes


Leaves are great and have many uses. One of the uses can be for crafts. One of the easiest crafts to create are handmade paintbrushes. These can be made using naturalistic materials such as leaves, twine and twigs. Parents’ will…

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Grass Heads


What better way to connect with nature than bringing it indoors? This is a great craft to do with your little ones. Not only can you use recyclable materials, but you’re able to educate and show your children how to…

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Nature Based Sensory Bottles


Here’s an activity for the little ones to do! sensory bottles are great for infants. It allows them to explore new elements and create new experiences. This activity allows them to explore naturalistic materials safely. By putting them in a…

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Painting with Mud


Kids love to play in the mud, so why not make an activity and let them get down and dirty! This activity allows you and your kids to interact with nature and get dirty (or not) at the same time.…

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Nature Blocks


Baby blocks are a common toy amongst infants. Usually, they have letters or numbers on them. However, these blocks are an easy and creative way to incorporate nature into the home. The photo shows flowers, but you can put whatever…

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Growing Apple Trees


Let’s start connecting to nature by growing some trees. Probably the easiest tree to grow from scratch would be an apple tree. Yes, an apple tree. This is very easy to do. First, you grab an apple (I would eat…

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How Does Learning Happen


A LITTLE ABOUT HDLH HDLH is a professional resource guide that is intended to support pedagogy and curriculum development in the early years' program. The environment, educator, and family are all interconnected in the child’s development. HDLH works in collaboration…

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