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The Smart Cookie Club is a holistic play-based learning program for toddlers and preschoolers to attend with their parents/caregivers. Co-founding teachers, Talia and Mary, aim to provide fun and engaging learning opportunities for children while giving parents the tools and knowledge to support their children’s development at home.

Classes have a different learning focus each week and activities are built around a theme that touch on different developmental areas (eg. communication, language, math, gross and fine motor skills, music, science, sensory, and creativity).

Mix It Up Yoga Mamas 001Mommy Connections Midtown Toronto dropped in to visit The Smart Cookie Club during our Travelling Tot’s summer program, and all of the kiddies had a blast!

Goodnight Gorilla Artscape 006My daughter and the other toddlers absolutely loved getting right into their hands on learning activities, and you could see their curious little minds working as they tried out each of the different play stations.

We really enjoyed and appreciated the age appropriate developmental learning activities, and the direct one on one interaction from the teachers. Some of us moms signed up for their full summer program with our tots, and each week we got to try out a bunch of new activities that kept our little ones interested while learning new skills.

Easter Class 006We are really looking forward to our next field trip to see The Smart Cookie Club, as part of our upcoming Travelling Tot’s fall program line up! If you would like to join us on our fun field trips, our Travelling Tot’s fall program runs Thursday’s from 10:30-11:30, starting September 24th.

To learn more about or to sign up for a Smart Cookie Club program near you, click the links to check them out online, and follow them Facebook.

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Guest blog post contributed by Brittany Logsdon, Trunk To Tail, Music & Yoga for Children

imageChildren’s lives are busy and often stressful. Yoga adapted for children, provides children with space and time where they can focusing on their bodies and minds without distraction.

Emotional benefits of children’s yoga include:
1. Relaxation and Stress Relief
Breathing exercises help children calm their bodies and minds, making bedtime and quiet time easier and more enjoyable. I use artificial flowers sprayed with essential oils, as a fun and calming breathing exercise. Parents have used this technique at home to help soothe their child during turbulent times. Children are able to reach into their yoga toolbox and use their knowledge to calm their bodies and minds, even in stressful situations.

2. Increased Self-awareness and Esteem
Mastering a balance pose or being able to fully relax during savasana can greatly improve a child’s mood, confidence and awareness of their body and mind. Yoga is non-competitive and practiced in a supportive environment. Children learn and grow at their own pace helping them feel comfortable and confident. Children are able to support each other in poses and help each other balance and deepen a stretch, working together and enjoying the poses.
3. Increased Focus and Attention
Relaxation, mindfulness and yoga poses help children develop focus and attention. Balancing poses require attention and focus to keep from falling over! Children love balancing poses. When they are finally able to balance without falling over, they are so proud and excited! Other yoga poses also require a great deal of focus, such as challenging backbends and inversion poses. Without a great deal of focus, these poses would be almost impossible to conquer!

imageChildren’s yoga classes are in Cabbagetown at 555 Parliament Street with Brittany. Please visit Brittany’s website at or call 416-629-9878

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