Encouraging Creativity, And Raising Little Artists In Toronto

Our Travelling Tots had so much fun when we stopped in to visit the creative team at Raising Artists!

At Raising Artists, they encourage creativity and promote meaningful artistic experiences, that allows students to follow their imaginations and explore self-expression.

Building on the positive relationship between parent and child, and fostering the bond at the heart of early learning and child development, they work together with you and your child to explore art with thematic age-appropriate library materials.

Brainstorming begins on the sketchpads using crayons, teaching them the first stages of step-by-step planning, and practices using fine motor skills.

Onto the canvas you go, using child-friendly paint, a variety of loose parts, artistic tools, and creative resources.

Their art studios are always buzzing with enthusiastic educators, passionate creatives, and other wonderful families in the community.

You will walk away from their workshops with a masterpiece on a 16 x 20 canvas, and a lasting memory between you and your budding artist.. Just be sure to dress for a mess!


Check out this little video of one their Parent & Child Painting Workshops in progress!

At Raising Artists, their mission is to make a child’s artistic imagination come to life through fun, creative, and original educational art workshops. They contribute to the cognitive, social, and emotional well being of your child, while providing a profound opportunity for learning and creativity.

Learn more, and check for upcoming Workshop Dates: www.raisingartists.ca 

smartcookielogo fiverr copy

The Smart Cookie Club is a holistic play-based learning program for toddlers and preschoolers to attend with their parents/caregivers. Co-founding teachers, Talia and Mary, aim to provide fun and engaging learning opportunities for children while giving parents the tools and knowledge to support their children’s development at home.

Classes have a different learning focus each week and activities are built around a theme that touch on different developmental areas (eg. communication, language, math, gross and fine motor skills, music, science, sensory, and creativity).

Mix It Up Yoga Mamas 001Mommy Connections Midtown Toronto dropped in to visit The Smart Cookie Club during our Travelling Tot’s summer program, and all of the kiddies had a blast!

Goodnight Gorilla Artscape 006My daughter and the other toddlers absolutely loved getting right into their hands on learning activities, and you could see their curious little minds working as they tried out each of the different play stations.

We really enjoyed and appreciated the age appropriate developmental learning activities, and the direct one on one interaction from the teachers. Some of us moms signed up for their full summer program with our tots, and each week we got to try out a bunch of new activities that kept our little ones interested while learning new skills.

Easter Class 006We are really looking forward to our next field trip to see The Smart Cookie Club, as part of our upcoming Travelling Tot’s fall program line up! If you would like to join us on our fun field trips, our Travelling Tot’s fall program runs Thursday’s from 10:30-11:30, starting September 24th.

To learn more about or to sign up for a Smart Cookie Club program near you, click the links to check them out online www.smartcookieclub.ca, and follow them Facebook.

See you at the club!!Smart_Cookie_Club_Horizontal_Proof_2-1

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