Say no to diaper cakes: Consider cloth diaper service gift certificates for your registry or as a baby shower gift.

Guest Blog Post by: Jamie Benson, Wonderwear Modern Cloth Diaper Service

There is a lot to think about when it comes to baby showers. If you are hosting, there are the invitations and timing to consider. What theme and games would be fun? Food and drinks… should it be catered? Who will bring what? Party favors… check. Fortunately there are many excellent resources online to navigate through all these decisions. Check out as a good place to start.

green-and-blue-frog-diaper-cake-240x184If you are the mom-to-be, are you putting together a gift registry? What should be on that list? Common top 10 baby shower gift ideas include baby bath gear, baby monitor, baby bouncy seat, activity gym and baby carrier. Then there is the diaper cake. It’s cute, don’t get me wrong. But a disposable diaper cake steers new moms down the path of disposable diapers which costs more money than a diaper service while also being less healthy for the baby and much worse for the environment.

Few consider cloth diaper service gift certificates but they are a terrific idea! Add them to your registry or purchase for a friend as a unique and thoughtful gift.

At Wonderwear Cloth Diaper Delivery Service, we make it really easy to go this route. If you are the mom-to-be and want to add our service to your registry, you would typically sign up for service a month before your baby shower and we would then credit your account each time a gift certificate comes in. If it’s a surprise for someone, no problem! In this instance we set up a temporary account and then get the additional info from the new client after their shower.  We also provide personalized gift certificates for presentation purposes.


Purchasing Wonderwear gift certificates is easy. Just go to our online store, select the amount and check out! Some savvy new moms have 6 months of free service or more by the time they start with us.

So please consider skipping the diaper cake or make-it-yourself gift idea… and purchase a cloth diaper service gift certificate instead. We take all the work out of cloth diapering and come right to your door each week with an unlimited supply of hospital level sanitized cloth diapers. Now that’s a great gift!

imageJamie Benson,

Dad to 3 Terrific Young Boys | Brand Marketer | Concerned Citizen regarding Climate Change | Entrepreneur | Husband to Superstar Wifey


Guest blog post by: Jamie Benson, Wonderwear Modern Cloth Diaper Service


For your baby’s health
There are many chemicals found in disposable diapers that are troubling… to say the least! Baby bums can be very sensitive to the harmful chemicals in disposable diapers. Many times what we think is a simple diaper rash can actually be a reaction to the chemicals in disposable diapers. Sodium Polyacrylate is a super absorbent gel that shows up as little crystals on your baby’s skin. It has been found in urinary tracts of babies and causes severe diaper rashes. A similar substance used in tampons was pulled from the market in the 1980s due to increased risk of toxic shock syndrome. This chemical has been linked to respiratory problems and skin irritations.
A study published in the Archives of Environmental Health in 1999, found that disposable diapers release chemicals called volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene and dipentene. VOCs are linked to toxic health effects over time and with a high level of exposure, including cancer and brain damage. The same researchers found that mice exposed to chemicals released by disposable diapers were more likely to have irritated airways than mice exposed to emissions from cloth diapers. These effects were increased during repeat exposures. The authors suggested that disposable diapers may cause “asthma-like” reactions.

Disposable diapers contain other harmful ingredients as well…
Dioxin is an extremely toxic by-product of paper bleaching. It is a carcinogenic chemical, listed by the EPA as the most toxic cancer-linked chemical.
Tributyl-tin is a toxic pollutant known to cause hormonal problems in humans and animals.
Dyes found in some disposables are known to damage the central nervous system, kidneys and liver.

What is also concerning is the fact that disposable diaper manufacturers are not forthcoming with information about what is in their product. If you visit the web sites of the popular disposable diaper manufacturers you will find little information about what exactly is in a disposable diaper. Instead you read information about why they are not compelled to make this information available to you…the consumer. This article is worth reading…

For the future of our planet
Deforestation adds more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere than the sum total of all cars and trucks on the world’s roads… and over 1 billion trees are cut down each year to produce disposable diapers. Cars and trucks account for about 14 percent of global carbon emissions, while most analysts attribute upwards of 15 percent to deforestation.
“Any realistic plan to reduce global warming pollution sufficiently—and in time—to avoid dangerous consequences must rely in part on preserving tropical forests,” reports Environmental Defense Fund.

imageHere are some other alarming facts…

– Canadians throw out 1.7 billion disposable diapers each year

– The raw materials required to keep one baby in disposable diapers for one year include more than 136 kg of wood, 23 kg of petroleum and 9 kg of chlorine

– Disposable diapers use 20 times more raw materials, 2 times more water and 3 times more energy to make than cloth diapers

– It takes up to 500 years for disposable diapers to decompose

– By using cloth diapers, you will prevent roughly 8,000 diapers from going to the landfill for 500 years!

How our cloth diaper delivery service works
SAVE a minimum of $1000 using Wonderwear vs Disposable Diapers.



imageJamie Benson,

Dad to 3 Terrific Young Boys | Brand Marketer | Concerned Citizen regarding Climate Change | Entrepreneur | Husband to Superstar Wifey

Guest Blogger: Jamie Benson, Wonderwear Modern Cloth Diaper Service

There is a stigma about cloth diapering that is widespread. I see it when meeting couples at trade shows…

Me: Have you considered a cloth diaper service?
Couple: Ohhh, no way. Thanks but no thanks.
Me: But you will save over $1000 vs buying disposables and our service makes it as easy as disposables as well.
Couple: Sorry. I’ll pass.

I understand the apprehension to more work. I wouldn’t sign up for washing 80-90 dirty diapers in my home washer each week. No thanks! There is already a lot to do with an infant. That’s why a service is so great!

imageChanging a baby when using our service is the same as using disposables. You have a poopy diaper, just chuck it in the odor proof and waterproof wet bag. No need to dump or rinse anything.

With the draw string closed and the lid with charcoal filter closed on your diaper pail, there is no issue with smell. It works better than diaper genie!

Once a week, you leave the dirty diaper bag outside your front door and we pick it up and replace with an unlimited supply of hospital level sanitized diapers.

imageAlso, our commercial washers and 7 stage laundering process deliver hospital level sanitized diapers. Home based washers don’t get nearly as hot and bacteria can remain after washing. Our diapers look as new after every wash. We also inspect every diaper when bundling and donate any diapers that are stained or otherwise faulty.

There really are a lot of benefits to using a cloth diaper service… Save money vs disposables + better for baby + no more work than disposables + better for the environment… that’s a long list of good things!



imageAbout Jamie Benson,

Dad to 3 Terrific Young Boys | Brand Marketer | Concerned Citizen regarding Climate Change | Entrepreneur | Husband to Superstar Wifey

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