BrighPath Early Learning & Child Care: Hermitage Location Review


BrighPath Early Learning & Child Care: Hermitage Location Review

October 28, 2015

brighpath outside picThe quest for childcare can be overwhelming. Sometimes teeming with too many options – daycare, dayhome, nanny, au pair –  and other times with too few. If you are thinking about a daycare for your child or are open to the possibility of one, definitely read on.

I had the opportunity to visit BrightPath’s Northeast Edmonton Child Care Center in Hermitage earlier this month. I stopped by in the morning and was given a thorough tour by the center’s enthusiastic director Gloria.

My tour started with the after-school room for grade 1 – 3 students. Empty at this time of course, I was able to see the options and opportunities available to children to learn and play after school. With everything from a dedicated library and homework space, to lego and crafts, it was clear that all learning styles and interests were considered and encouraged.

brightpath after school room

Photo courtesy of BrightPath

My next stop was the baby room. With a variety of age-appropriate toys and structures and hands-on caregivers, these little ones 12 – 19 months were clearly in good hands. Gloria informed me that all staff are required to possess a current criminal record check, first aid certification and go through BrightPath’s training program.

My favourite room was the 4 – 5 year old room. These kids had it all! They were having a dance party when I walked in and I could see again the many opportunities these preschoolers had to learn and develop through dress-up, music, sensory play, reading, art and more! Their crafts and art projects – many with examples from nature like leaves and branches – were displayed proudly around the room. Their energetic instructor clearly loved her job and was able to keep the kids engaged.

brightpath toddler area

When we stopped by the toddler room the group was just heading outside for some fresh air and free play. This expansive room again had a variety of stations and areas for reading, crafts and other forms of play.

The center has a full-time nutritionist planning and making fresh meals daily. This means no need for parents to send food with their little ones and no need to worry about what they are eating. When I arrived they were in the process of making a Thanksgiving feast for lunch!

Photo courtesy of BrightPath

BrightPath has their own curriculum created through in-depth research into early childhood learning and growth. All activities in the program are hands-on and child-lead. It recognizes that all children are unique and learn in their own way. Their curriculum is divided into three age-groups: Infant, Toddler and Pre-Kindergarten. Materials and activities provided are focused on sensory and creative play that are integrated into their daily program plans. The curriculum is adapted by staff to meet the needs and interests of each child. More details on their curriculum can be found here.

Overall I was impressed with BrightPath Hermitage Center! Their nutritionist, programming and focus on learning through play are noteworthy. If you or someone you know is beginning to search for childcare, this is a great place to start. Set up a tour and see firsthand what the center has to offer and if they will be a good fit for your family. See their website for more details including ages, ratios and availability.

bright path kids 2015

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