Chaos to Calm: Could a Professional Organizer Help You?


Chaos to Calm: Could a Professional Organizer Help You?


I’m a busy mom. I’m also the kind of person who never says no to a plea for help or a favour for family or friend. I tend to take on way too much, overflowing my plate, as they say. I run a business from home and am also home full-time with my two spirited children. Sometimes it feels like there truly is not enough time in the day to accomplish everything on my to-do list – I know you know this feeling. And when my house is cluttered, my stress level is through the roof and I inevitably lose efficiency. I know it’s a matter of getting rid of the excess AND finding the right organizational systems. But . . . every time I try to make a dent in the clutter or reorganize, I get frustrated and give up, often relocating the excess stuff to a different place, and doing nothing to fix the problem. That is until right before Christmas, I learned about an Edmonton business that offers professional organization. I’d heard of people having house cleaners come to their homes regularly, but never an organizer. I was desperate intrigued, so I investigated!

I reached out to Shannon Belanger, owner of Simply SOS: Shannon’s Organizational Savants, a local mom-run business, and set up a FREE no-obligation consultation. Shannon came to my house (my kids adored her) and toured my home, listening to my thoughts on the problem areas in my home and what changes I would like to see. After the tour, she laid out her ideas to alleviate some of my kitchen clutter and the amount of time and price of her services. We then booked a date for the following week.

Shannon’s vision included creating a functional workspace for me that wasn’t the kitchen table (finally!!!) and creating an area with ample storage and space for my daughter to craft and create. Shannon worked with the furniture and storage we currently had and suggested purchasing a desk, chair, and two storage cabinets to bring it all together. Over the week, Shannon sent me furniture and storage ideas. Once I’d approved them, Shannon picked the pieces up from Ikea.

That weekend, Shannon arrived and got to work. She was clearly well-organized (no surprise!) and brought with her a slew of supplies to get the job done, including numerous storage bins of varying sizes. Once the furniture was assembled, together, we sorted through cabinets, recycling, shredding, and trashing what wasn’t needed. Having Shannon there was essential to this process. I often find myself holding onto things for inexplicable reasons. She helped me get rid of the truly unnecessary documents, like manuals and statements, which I’d been unable to do up until that point.

When it was all said and done, I had a beautiful workspace and my daughter had a designated crafting area.

Allowing a stranger into your home can be daunting. It’s easy for me to appear put together in public, but enter my house and you’ll realize I’m a hot mess. I set aside my reservations and took the plunge anyway; I wasn’t disappointed. The moment Shannon stepped into our home, I felt at ease. She connected with my kids and was anything but judgmental. It was evident that she loves helping people make their homes more functional. Shannon was clear that I only needed to show her the areas of my home I was comfortable with her seeing. Shannon is genuine and down-to-earth and she has a natural ability to see a space and all its potential. She can see past the clutter in an objective way and help you meet your goals and make your life that much simpler.

Shannon is a gem. My children immediately loved her. She took time to make them feel comfortable with her presence. And when she was labeling the craft stations, she included my daughter in the process, even letting her create labels with her name. The following week I grabbed the mail and noticed an envelope from Shannon; it was the receipts from the furniture she had purchased on my behalf and a lovely birthday card for my daughter’s 6th birthday. We only met twice in-person but she’d clearly made an impact on my family. My daughter still talks about Shannon, over a month later.

What I love about Shannon is that she’s flexible. When it comes to her services, you can pick and choose what you need. She charges clients hourly for any of the following services (and more):

  • furniture sourcing
  • furniture pick-up
  • furniture assembly
  • purging
  • organizing

Shannon showed me firsthand how to easily reorganize an area and deeply purge. She told me that many clients need a little push to get started and after her visit are inspired to continue purging and reorganizing. And wouldn’t you know? She was right! Since her visit, I’ve purged and reorganized my entire kitchen. Now and then, I reach out to Shannon for more furniture ideas and in the near future, I hope to have her in again for a few hours to give me a real direction for each room of my house. While I will happily pay her for those hours of consulting and furniture sourcing, Shannon’s expertise has elevated my confidence enough that I can confidently pick up, assemble, purge, and reorganize it all myself.

If you’re located in the Edmonton area and are feeling like I did, frustrated with the clutter and unsure where to start, give Shannon a call.  What have you got to lose, other than clutter?

Learn more about Simply SOS: Shannon’s Organizational Savants. 


In exchange for this post, I received products or services. As always, all opinions on this blog are my own. 

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