Is your baby or toddler having trouble sleeping? Good Night Sleep Site can help

I read somewhere that a person will die from lack of sleep first before they die from lack of food; interesting bit of trivia or accurate fact? As any new parent can attest to, when you’re beyond exhausted taking care of a newborn, you’ll choose sleep over a meal any day.

Once my husband and I settled into somewhat of a “routine” after bringing our newborn daughter home from the hospital, friends and family started asking the famous question: “how is she sleeping?”

We were very, very fortune (knock on wood) to have a “good sleeper” perhaps it was due to her above average birth weight (9 lbs. 1 oz.) or inherited genes from her mother who loves to sleep, or maybe the sleep gods took pity upon our new family and gave us a break – whatever the reason, I can honestly say we have been fairly fortunate, so far, in being blessed with a little one who sleeps well. And my hope is that by writing these words I have not jinxed our good fortune.

For parents who have become walking zombies, a shell of their former selves and are pretty much at their wits end with how to help their baby sleep better, I can tell you there is help for you!

Good Night Sleep Site
can provide you with emotional and educational support to help your baby or toddler with their sleep needs. Their philosophy is that there isn’t one method approach to sleep training and we don’t choose one over another.

Their Certified Sleep Consultants work with you and your family to set up a Sleep Plan that you are comfortable with to help your baby or toddler become a great sleeper.

Whether you are a first time parent, a been-there-done-that parent, or a parent of multiples they can help.

Sleep is so important for our health, mood and general well-being that seeking outside help when your baby or toddler is struggling to sleep well is a necessity.

More information on Good Night Sleep Site can be found on their website: as well on their Facebook page

Have you picked up any sleep tricks along the way in your own parenting that you’d like to pass along to others?


When my husband and I were planning for the arrival of our daughter we were also planning a move (not recommended!). I didn’t have a chance to really design a nursery and truly “nest,” as women often do towards the end of their pregnancy.

Just prior to welcoming our daugther into the world, we moved into a new condo in Toronto and her room comprised of two “walls” made entirely of floor to ceiling windows, one half wall and a closet that took up the fourth. With limited space and her crib aligning the only true wall in the room, we needed to keep it simple.

I often scrolled through those amazing slideshows you find on any number of decorating and DIY websites featuring the top 10 nursery room designs and creative ideas, but alas it wasn’t in the cards for her new space.

Once we moved into a house though, I opened the flood gates! It’s funny how proud we can be of our baby or child’s room design. My husband often tells friends her room was set up fully before we even unpacked one of our boxes, not entirely true, but fairly close. Bottom line, nursery design is FUN!

Planning for the arrival of your baby is an exciting time. There is an abundance of cute outfits you can purchase, baby name books and websites you can read through. On the other hand, baby planning can also be stressful as you research products you may need to purchase, such as a car seat or stroller, wind down your work commitments in preparation for maternity leave, while trying to keep yourself from becoming too exhausted.

This is where Nesting Story can help. Servicing the entire Halton Region, Nesting Story offers a number of services, including nursery design, custom murals, registry management, maternity concierge and baby shower planning. They truly are a mama-to-be’s personal assistant.

Below is a sample of a custom mural designed by Nesting Story:

Follow Nesting Story on Facebook and check them out on Pinterest. They also have a fantastic blog for nursery decor DIYs, product reviews and local shopping finds. For older children, they can assist with designing rooms and playrooms, as well.

Mention that you read this post through Mommy Connections Halton Region and receive a FREE 1 hour in person consultation.

Meeting new moms each week in the different programs I run with Mommy Connections, I’ve come to learn time and time again that many moms experience a “less than ideal” pregnancy and/or delivery.

A complication in the early months may warrant bed rest for the remainder, they may have delivered a very pre-mature baby and/or they may have suffered through 20+ hours of painful contractions only to be told, a C-section was the only route remaining in order to deliver their baby safely.

Each pregnancy and subsequent delivery is unique and a mom would be lying if she didn’t feel anxious, stressed or scared at some point in the process.

If you are a second, third of even fourth time mom who experienced a stressful, anxious or difficult labour, that you have a hard time talking about, it’s important to remember that birth and motherhood are not just about baby, but about you as well. Many women replay their birth experience over and over, wondering what they could have done differently. Often times, it can be difficult to talk about your child’s birth, and hearing other women’s stories may create feelings of sadness, frustration or disappointment.

I’ve recently had the pleasure of learning more about a wonderful, Milton based company, Birth With Care, which offers services whereby founder Nelia DeAmarel, a certified labour doula and pre-natal yoga instructor, will help you process your last birth experience and see it a new, more positive light.

With over 14 years of experience, Nelia provides doula care, yoga classes and private prenatal/postpartum coaching for women who want a meaningful and holistic approach to their unique birth experience. She specializes in healing from a previous birth (especially if you are expecting again) and minimizing anxiety.
If you would like to learn tools to reduce general or specific anxieties and enjoy the process of birth and motherhood, until April 30th, Nelia is offering a 1-hour private session for only $35 (regularly $80) which is available in person or via telephone. or 647-456-BABY (2229).
Get the experienced and qualified support you need. It will make all of the difference.



Last week, our brand new sport and talk program in partnership with The Junior Academy kicked off in typical toddler fashion with lots of running, jumping and non-stop energy. Mixed with a little nutritional information for our moms courtesy of certified nutritionist Kim Niblett of Acorn Family Health & Wellness Centre, the hour and fifteen minute class kept our moms and toddlers very busy.

This 6-week sport and talk program features a weekly gym session for the toddlers led by the Academy’s Director, Carly Isic who guides the little ones through a series of different activities that focus on developing skills such as agility, balance and hand-eye coordination. We combine this with several additional toddler-focused demonstrations from local businesses such as Sing Music Studio (kindermusik), Circle Time Parties (children’s party planning) and Itsy Bitsy Yoga (toddler yoga). In addition to a nutritional talk, we also invite Good Night Sleep Site in to discuss healthy sleep habits for toddlers and round the program out with a “picture day” courtesy of H2 Photo.

Below are a few photos from our first class where the toddlers jumped on the trampoline, played with hula hoops and practiced a bean bag toss.

The Junior Academy programming is geared towards children aged 2-5. They offer a number of different classes in the mornings, afternoons and on weekends to suit any busy family’s schedule.

Their website explains their programming best:

The Junior Academy was developed to facilitate the growth and development of children aged 2-5 and to encourage them to participate in sport and fitness activities that will lead to adopting a healthy, active lifestyle now and into the future. It is a day-time program that incorporates the fundamentals of sport, exercise and health (flexibility, strength, endurance) with the basic skills pertinent to healthy growth and development (such as hand-eye co-ordination, balance, gross motor skills, and spatial and body awareness). The program introduces children, through weekly one-hour sessions, to the fun and exciting world of sport and exercise while at the same time building on developmental skills.

Are your children involved in any classes or local programs you recommend to other parents?

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