Fisher Price Tester Mama Review: Amazing Animals™ Sing-Along Choo Choo

I opened the train while Parker was sleeping, so he would be able to play with it upon waking. There was absolutely not set-up and batteries were included, two positives for parents!


As soon as he came down to his play room he was wiggling to get out of my arms and see the train. The first thing that I noticed and liked about the train was that the sounds were triggered by both movement and pushing on the light up smokestack. This intrigued Parker who learned to use it both ways. It alternates between playing songs with and without words and telling stories and facts about the animals on board the train; this feature will be good as Parker gets older.

He quickly realized that the animals on board can come out of their train cars and make noise. He enjoyed playing with dumbo as his legs and head moved with a clicking noise. Parker being only 9 months still enjoys putting everything in his mouth and all three animals that came with the train allowed him to find a leg or ear to chew on without me worrying about small pieces.


It was easier for Parker to maneuver the train around without the two additional cars attached and he quickly got the hang of pushing it back and forth. The two remaining cars do not make noise on their own, but do have some add-on toys on each of them, they didn’t really catch Parker’s interest just yet. The lights and noises of the smokestack and engine car held his interest for now. I think though that could be a benefit as he continues to notice new abilities of the toy as he grows.

Overall a pretty good buy, I like that the train came apart, so we could take just the engine car and dumbo with us if he wanted too. Not having any assembly is always a bonus. I like the huge variety of sounds that the toy makes. I think this could be a toy that grows with him as he learns to do more with it.

– Lindsay, Mom & Baby Program Participant

Notes from the Manufacturer:

• Push train that features three of babies’ favorite animal friends from Dumbo, The Lion King, and 101 Dalmatians (Dumbo, Simba, and Lucky)
• Dumbo and Simba characters feature posable clicking joints and textured feet that can be manipulated by baby, while Lucky has rattle beads inside!
• Bright colors, chunky bodies and fun sounds
• Each train car has unique features and themes, which correspond to the characters and their respective films
• When baby presses the stack or pushes the train, the train comes to life with a recognizable Disney sing-along song, original tunes and sounds

Retail Value: $49.99



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