Fully Alive Baby Massage Oil – Special Offer to Mommy Connection Mommies!

Written by Nicole Nifo, Founder of Fully Alive Wellness in Oakville
The skin is our largest organ, so protect your children by using safe and natural products on their skin free of harsh chemicals. Fully Alive Baby Massage Oil is made of certified organic oils and extra care and love with your baby in mind: Available in unscented and lightly scented lavender. Sold in BPA free plastic bottles and also available in glass bottles (by request).
We can honestly say that you will love this oil! Its more moisturizing than it is greasy, and will leave your baby feeling nurtured and give you peace of mind knowing that you aren’t adding any harmful chemicals on your baby’s beautiful skin.  Use during massage time for bonding or to relieve common digestive discomforts like gas, colic and constipation.
Special offer to Mommy Connection Mommies! $10/bottle (regular $12/bottle) plus HST
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Written by Andrea Mitchell Patkau, Mommy Connections Oakville Graduate

My first Mommy Connections Mom & Baby class was the first day of spring; it was a new beginning! Like the name of the program suggests, it embodies the idea of connection on all accounts. I am so happy to have been part of this program because not only did I connect with other mommies, but it allowed me to connect more with my baby, and to also connect with the presenters and thus learn more about many aspects of motherhood.

I think my favourite class was the baby wearing class and the baby bootcamp! I learned so much about baby wearing including which carriers are safer for pelvic floor health and how to wear my baby on my back!! That same class, we did a 30 minute workout whole wearing our babies! The next day my thighs and calves were so sore, the sign of a good workout!


The structure of how the classes are set up really maximize learning and keep it interesting. Each class there are two presenters sharing their expertise on a subject. Some examples of topics are: first aid, baby proofing, mom and baby yoga, infant massage, photography, music, baby bootcamp, baby wearing, daycare, baby sign language and many more!

The other cool thing is you get a swag bag  on the first day filled with tons of product, magazines and samples.

Mommy Connections is a great way to learn more about motherhood, connect with your baby and other moms, and have fun! Motherhood can sometimes feel scary, overwhelming and lonely, but knowing that you have a group of women who are experiencing the same things you are, helps tremendously with those feelings and provides you with a safe community to share and learn.

I attended the class in Oakville, but there are programs all over the country. Milton, Burlington, Caledon, Toronto, Vaughan, Ajax and Barrie are amongst some of the locations in Ontario.


Thanks for a great experience!


Is it Friday yet? I look forward to Fridays every week. Not because it’s the start of the weekend, but because that’s the day I go to my Mommy & Baby Barre class at The Barre Life Studio in Oakville.

I stumbled on the Barre Life website in my search for a fitness Mom & Baby class. With time and money limited with a 3 month old, it was very important to me that the class fit the following criteria; convenient, affordable, safe, challenging and FUN! It was also important to me that my son Nico be incorporated into the class and the workout.


The Mommy & Baby Workshop at Barre Life seemed like it would be the perfect fit.

This workshop exceeded my expectations. It was a great introduction back into an active lifestyle post-partum,  as it focused on strengthening a lot my areas weakened as a result of pregnancy and childbirth; core, hips, butt and pelvic floor. With the added excruciating upper body workout as a bonus, this workout also included many pelvic floor safe and strengthening exercises.

The workshop was taught by Suzanne, a trained ballet and pilates instructor. Don’t let this sweet and pleasant ballerina fool you, she is tough and worked us hard every week.  No rest for the sleep deprived!  The class is a combination of  exercises at the barre and mat work, all while working out to Top 40 music. There is just something so awesome about doing ballet moves to LMFAO’s “I’m Sexy And I Know It”.

The babies in our class were safely incorporated into the workout. They either joined in with us in their carrier, or lay and played on the mat.  The environment was comfortable and inviting. Fussy, hungry, crying and tired babies are all welcome!


Worried this class is only for dancers, or that you have to be coordinated, not at all! It’s a great workout for anyone and everyone.

I wasn’t the only one that enjoyed the class. Nico loved it too! He loved to watch our arms as they moved from first position, to second then third, and enjoyed the ride as I had to plié over and over and over again.

As the session was about to come to a close, a few of us inquired whether there would be another session to follow.  We discussed how much we love the class, and hoped we could attend more often. Niki, owner and studio coordinator, took our feedback and the classes are now running twice per week (Tuesdays & Fridays) in the new session.

The workshop is open to babies who are not actively crawling (6 weeks to 7 months).  The childminding room is also available for sleeping babies, nursing, or for older siblings. If you aren’t sure if you can commit to the full session of 8 classes, a drop in option is also available at $18 per class. For more information or to register, click here.

Is that a baby @ the barre? It sure is!

– Nicole


For more information on other classes offered at Barre Life, check out Megan’s recent review of the Ballet Resistance class, here.


As parents, we all want to give our children the best start possible, but it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information and ‘health clutter’ out there. Should you start your baby on rice cereal? At four months or six months? Do you keep feeding milk on demand? What is Baby Led Weaning? What do you give your baby after he/she is past the pureed stage? What finger foods should you start with?

This workshop is taught by Navneet Dhillon of Dhillon Nutrition and Health. Navneet is a Registered Nutritionist who helps parents navigate through all the “health information overload” out there and supports families in eating well. She educates and inspires families through personalized consultations, interactive cooking classes, and workshops. As a busy mother of a toddler, Navneet understands that time is at a premium, and teaches families how to approach nutrition and health in a practical, easy-to-apply manner.

In “Baby’s First Year: Setting the Foundation”, Navneet will educate parents of infants on the importance of good nutrition and digestion during this critical first year of a baby’s life.

Topics to be covered include:
• How and when to wean your baby when breastfeeding or formula-feeding
• What nutritious first foods to give your baby and how to introduce them
• How to make homemade baby food
• When to introduce allergenic foods and how to identify food reactions and sensitivities
• How to transition your baby to foods with more texture
• How to encourage variety in food preferences
• All about Baby Led Weaning (BLW)
• What are great finger foods for babies to begin with and enjoy

Cost – $40

The class takes place on Thursday May 15th, 1-3pm at Lole Atelier Oakville which is located at 172 Lakeshore Road East (Downtown Oakville). The workshop includes light refreshments, take home materials, swag bag and the chance to connect with other moms-to-be going through the same experiences you are. One lucky mom will also walk away with a copy of Sprout Right, Nutrition from Tummy to Toddler.

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