LAST minute gifts that TEACHERS actually WANT!

It’s Crunch Time!!

This is the last week of school! A few months ago, you had grand plans to get your child’s teacher a gift that was both creative and personal  Perhaps you were going to order them a personalized gift or tap into your artistic side and make that School Supply Cake you saw on Pinterest a while back? And now you are thinking you definitely won’t have time to make the apple cake pops.

Photo Courtesy of MommyGAGA

Photo Courtesty of Skip to My Lou

With only have a few shopping nights left, time is not on your side. We’re here to help you.

We asked a group of teachers what gifts they love receiving from their students, and hands down they all said, GIFT CARDS! They can never have enough. Some of the top faves; Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Cadillac Fairview, LCBO, Chapters, Michaels and  Bon Appetit.  While teachers do love gift for their own personal use, they also appreciate gifts for their classrooms or staff rooms (school supplies, books, games, coffee makers, toasters, etc).



Combine your gift card with a personal card from both you and your child, and your child’s teacher will know how much they are appreciated.

Other great gifts: Flowers/Plants, homemade cards or pictures from your child and bottles of wine!

Gifts to stay away from: Candles, Creams, Chocolate and Mugs!

Happy Shopping and Have a great summer!!


4 Great Ways to Enjoy a Non-Alcoholic Beer this Summer

With summer on our doorstep here are four novel ways to enjoy the refreshing taste of beer without the limitations of alcohol.

Beer Popsicle – Two long-time summer favourites have finally come together to help you beat the summer heat in the form of homemade beer popsicles. And with non-alcoholic beer these popsicles can be enjoyed by the whole family – the kids probably won’t even know it’s made from beer. Tip: use a Krombacher Radler to get some citrusy goodness in your pop!

Beermosa – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so make it special with a non-alcoholic beermosa. Combine two parts beer to one part orange juice to get a healthy and refreshing cocktail to kick-start your day. Then again, you might just want to relax and have another. Tip: try a light and crisp lager like Texas Select to spritz up the OJ or try a wheat beer like Krombacher Weizen to combine notes of citrus, banana and clove and provide a vitamin rich boost.

Beer Picnic – A picnic isn’t a picnic without some ice cold drinks. Put some premium non-alcoholic beer in the cooler and you’ll be sure to turn some heads and some minds. Don’t resist to the urge to have some fun at your friends and relatives expense – serve the beer in a cup and see if anyone can tell that it’s non-alcoholic. After that you can feel good that everyone can drive home without any worries. Tip: enjoy anywhere but be prepared to receive some puzzled looks.

Beer Marinade – Beer and barbeque are like chips and salsa, you can’t have one without the other. But did you know that beer-based marinades can help reduce the formation of potentially harmful substances in grilled meats? Studies found that grilled pork marinated in beer produced half the levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) compared with unmarinated pork. Tip: try darker beers like Sagres Dark or Clausthaler Golden Amber to maximize the effect.

-Ted Fleming, Founder of Premium Near Beer




We met the ladies behind the creation of The WOMB (World Of My Baby) in our early stages of planning sessions for the Mommy Connections Mom & Baby programs in the Halton Region. After one phone call, we knew that we were honoured and privileged to be working with a group of individuals filled with information and passion for what they do. It was the perfect fit for our Mommy Connections program. After one session, the feedback from the moms was not just positive but fascinated and awe-struck by their knowledge and passion.

The WOMB Co-founders and Co-owners Lorri Fleming and Angie Stenback started the Halton Doula Group in 2007. They met for coffee one day and knew then that that day was going to be the beginning of an incredible relationship and journey. A partnership that would help change the lives of many women, their babies and families. They shared the same passion and philosophy for what they do. They knew that partnering together and working as a team, would allow them to better care for their clients and support each other in doing so.

Pregnancy and child birth is a very special time in a women’s life.  But let’s be honest, it’s also a very scary and overwhelming time from both a physical and emotional perspective. Many of us look back and think “if I only knew”. Having the right support system during your pregnancy and in the early post-partum days will help to ensure that you enjoy the experiences and treasure the moments with your newborn, before and once they enter the world and into your life.

Lorri and Angie dreamt of having what they always refer to as a “one stop shop”. A place where women and families could go for support and feel comfortable. And so became the creation of The WOMB.

Through many years of developing relationships with partners with other health practitioners, Lorri and Angie were able to make their dream a reality. At 2600 square feet, their new home is located right in the heart of Milton at 388 Main Street East. With 1 yoga/fitness studio, 1 kitchen/café/ workshop area, 8 clinical rooms, an office and living room, Lorri and Angie hope to create an environment that is welcoming and comfortable for all.

The list of services and support that The WOMB will provide is incredible. They are a health team that all share the same philosophy, working towards similar goals; helping women and families in their journey of creating the families of their dreams, parenting and education.

Birth & Post-Partum Doulas (previously known as The Halton Doula group)

Pelvic Health Physiotherapy

Chiropractic Care, Osteopathy

Holistic Nutrition, Naturopathy

Massage Therapy

Yoga (Pre-natal, Post-Natal & Fertility)

Lactation Consultants, Acupuncture

Fertility Counseling

Post-Natal Fitness (Mommy Bootcamp)

The Community Midwives of Halton will also now have a satellite practice in The WOMB.

womb 3

The WOMB has opened its doors and is already accepting appointments. On Saturday June 21st, join them for an Open House and Ribbon Cutting as they celebrate their BIRTHday from 10am – 2pm at The WOMB’s official location, 388 Main Street East in Milton.  Visit their website at, email them at or call at (905) 842-2432.

While The WOMB is intended to be a facility that people can go to for their appointments, seek assistance and support, or attend workshops/seminars, there is still a large part of their business that provides in home services as well.

Their official grand opening will take places on September 20th, at which time there will be a special premier screening of the documentary MicroBirth.

Please join us in welcoming The WOMB to the Halton Region! Congratulations on well-deserved success!

Megan & Nicole

Womb 2


We were chatting the other day about all the things we want to do this summer. It was a long and cold winter, and we want to make sure we take full advantage and enjoy every moment of the summer weather. For both of us, this is a special summer as we are home from work with our kids; Megan has two girls (ages 3 and 1) and Nicole has two boys (ages 5 and 6 months).  So we decided to make a Summer Bucket List. It’s filled with everything we hope to do, from big family excursions, to crafts, fun in the backyard and day trips.

While we hope to do a lot of the things on the list together, it likely won’t happen if we intend to complete it before the end of the summer. Some of it may be accomplished with our individual families, with other friends, with grandparents and maybe even without the kids. We have to admit, the thought of taking the kids to a Drive in movie does seem ambitious.

Here it is…

Strawberry picking
Vegetable picking
Make homemade popsicles and/or ice cream
Have a picnic in the park
Lemonade stand
See a movie at the Drive-in
Go to Ripleys aquarium
Go to Zoo
Fly a kite
Go to the beach
Spend the day at Bronte creek
Make a bird feeder
Paint outside
Take the Ferry to Toronto Island
Nature scavenger hunt
Go to a concert or storytime in the park
Yoga in the park
Go to a Ribfest
Visit Canada’s Wonderland
Watch fireworks
Family road trip
Go to a local festival
Visit a splash pad
Stand up paddle boarding
Biking with the kids in the Chariot
Attend a workshop at Home Depot or Michaels
Go fishing
Visit a farmers market

Make a pie

Join us this summer as we tackle our Summer Bucket List. Check back for updates on our journey and experiences, recommendations and tips.  Share your own stories, comments and pictures on your experiences with your bucket list. Oh and please let us know if you think there is anything we should add to the list!


Starting off with an ambitious one – first item to check off . . . is family road trip! We rented a house for a week in North Carolina with 3 other families, that’s 7 kids under the age of 5!


2 days of driving. Destination Cape Hatteras, North Carolina

From Toronto down to Cape Hatteras, NC it is 16 hours of driving, but I like to say that is 16 hours without kids! On the Thursday night, we had the car and roof top carrier all packed and alarm was set for 3:30am. We decided to leave at 4am and capitalize on the girls sleeping for a few hours in the morning. We arranged to convoy down with friends and arrived at the U.S. boarder at the same time and stopped for a quick breakfast soon after.

Grace reading the map and giving directions, soon after they proceeded to rip of the map into tiny pieces. It did keep them busy for a long time though!

Grace reading the map and giving directions – soon after they proceeded to rip up the map into tiny pieces. It did keep them busy for a long time though!

Friday was a long driving day. We stopped every couple of hours so the kids could have a little break. Traveling with a 1 and 3 year old has its challenges. I packed a LOT of things to try and keep them busy. Most popular were matching small tupperware containers filled with exactly the same things  . . . stickers, markers, paper and books. And of course so many snacks! It’s a long two days of driving, but so worth it!

Our home for a week!

Our home for a week!

We arrived Saturday afternoon. We had rented a huge seashore house with its own swimming pool. A great vacation with small children. It was pretty easy to take them swimming, play in the sand & ocean, and go for walks along the beach and collect sea shells since everything was right around the house. It was like staying at a mini resort. We were able to cook all our meals at the house. Then we could put the kids to bed and make the adult dinner, my favourite evening was cooking a huge pot of fresh local seafood!






They both loved playing in the sand!




Cape Hatteras is know for it’s kite boarding, but there are lots of outdoor activities to keep everyone busy including wind surfing, kayaking, and stand up paddle boarding. It’s really winding a great place to learn water sports as the water is really shallow. Easy to take lessons and rent equipment.


It is so beautiful seeing the sky filled with kites.

We stayed for a week and made the drive home over two days. It was a great family road trip and we plan to go back every year!

Guest Blog Written By Jamie Contarini, Good Night Sleep Site Halton Consultant

You have probably heard not to sleep train until your little one is at least 4 months old (calculated from their estimated due date).  This is because their internal clock has not matured yet.  Once they reach 4 months old, you can incorporate the following tips to promote healthy sleep.

#1: Create a Nap & Bedtime Routine

Be sure to include a soothing routine before naps and bedtime.  For the bedtime, a routine of approximately 30 minutes is a great length to wind them down and get them ready for sleep.  The naptime routine should be a shorter version of your bedtime routine.  It doesn’t have to be a long routine, something as simple as singing a song or two, or putting on their sleep sack etc.  We want to give your baby cues that sleep is coming next.

#2: Provide and Age Appropriate Bedtime

Babies need more sleep than most of us realize, so that means bedtime between 5:30 and 7:00pm.  Don’t be afraid to put them down early.  Early bedtimes can lead to less night waking’s and a later wake time.

#3: Consistent Daily Naps

Babies often have two longer naps and one catnap from 4 months on, and often drop the catnap between 6 and 9 months.  We usually see the two to one nap transition happen between 15 & 18 months.  There might be days where your little one will practice a new skill in the crib instead of sleeping, but it doesn’t mean that they are ready to give that nap up.  Continue to offer it for a week or two before making any changes.

#4: Manage Sleep Associations

You want your baby to fall asleep and wake in the same setting so that they can put themselves back to sleep on their own.  For example, if they are falling asleep while nursing or drinking a bottle, then they will call for you to help them fall back asleep.  If you nurse them or feed them at the start of their routine and put them in their crib awake, then they will fall asleep on their own and have a better chance of falling asleep again if they wake.  Other associations to be mindful of are projectors, pacifiers and music – all of these can make it more difficult if your baby falls asleep with them.

 #5: Consistency

We say this to our client A LOT!  “Be consistent”…. Be consistent in wake time, naptime and bedtime.  Be consistent with how you allow your baby to fall asleep and be consistent in how you treat night waking’s.

You know your baby best, so when you are ready to teach them to sleep through the night, find a method that you are comfortable with and refer back to these tips.  Good luck and sweet dreams.

Good Night Sleep Site is a Family and Pediatric Sleep Practice with Global certified Sleep Consultants, ready to provide you with emotional and educational support to help your baby or child with their sleep needs. Their goal is to work with you and set up a sleep plan that you are comfortable with to help your baby or child become a GREAT sleeper. They find what works for you and your family. Good Night Sleep Site currently has consultants in Toronto, Ottawa, Halton, North Carolina, California and Oklahoma, however can still assist you even if they are not physically located in your area. For more information on their services and packages or to book a 15 minute consultation, click here

GNSS Logo_with web




The New Mom Project was started to provide marginalized families with some basic baby necessities to get them off to a great and loving start.  They collect donations of gently used or new items and distribute them to families in need.The New Mom Project is a volunteer initiative that helps to fill a void by helping women are starting their new lives as mothers without the basic necessities to care for a baby.

Their service is confidential, non-judgmental and always free. They believe that all new families deserve support. Canadian Baby Boxes include items such as basic clothing, blankets, toys and books.

For those wanting to donate, there is now a special Halton Area DROP OFF EVENT in Oakville on June 5th Date.

Date: Thursday, June 5th

Time: 2:30pm-6pm (drop off items any time between these hours)

Venue: Lole Atelier Oakville
172 Lakeshore Rd East
Oakville, Ontario
(905) 582-1718
Items accepted include: infant clothing 0-12 month sizes, seasonal clothing including swim wear and snowsuits, diapers, wipes, soaps and creams, nursing pads. Please kindly do not bring large items as they cannot be accommodated at this time.
Anyone dropping off items are entitled to shop at the store on the same day of the event to receive 20% off regularly priced items.

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