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Guest Blog Post, Written by Monkey See Monkey Do

RECEs across the country know how important play based learning is because it’s the core of their teaching methods. The educational phenomenon that’s reaching chidcare centres everywhere can be confusing to parents at first, but rest assured, every giggle and smile is the sign of a child learning.  Here are 6 great learning through play areas and why they are so useful.

Playing house develops language and communication skills while allowing children to handle adult tools and materials. It builds self-awareness and encourages relationships.

Science and discovery games build on problem solving, gathering information and exploration in the natural and physical world.

Building centres allow growth for both fine and gross motor skill development, spacial awareness and colour recognition

Creative corners work on hand/eye co-ordination, visual patterns, and responsibility with tools.

Technology  games are great for helping a child understand cause and effect as well as any other  skill the game is aimed at.

The quiet centre of the classroom improves literacy and self-control in children

Transitioning my babies to solids, and introducing them to new foods was, and is, one of my fave experiences.  I enjoyed it with my first, and therefore couldn’t wait to start with my second little guy. It’s so exciting and fun to watch them try new foods, flavours and textures for the first time. One of Roman’s original favourites was the blueberries and banana combo. So messy, but oh so delicious!


Roman @ 6 months old (now 5 years old) enjoying his blueberries & bananas

In my search for new combos of flavours for Nico, I stumbled on Tyler Florence’s roasting recipes, and his cookbook Start Fresh. This particular cookbook of his is filled with recipes, for infants, babies, toddlers and well…adults too. Tyler loves to roast. He says in his cookbook that it’s “your best tool for winning your children over to what they may still consider the dark side of eating; fresh vegetables. The roasting process brings out food’s natural sugars and deeply develops its flavour in a way that boiling and even steaming simply can’t”

He’s right!!!! The proof is in the difference between a roasted sweet potato on the bbq vs steamed.

Using fresh blueberries from the market (#summerbucketlist), I ventured to try roasting the blueberries and bananas instead. Wow! So sweet and delicious! It was a big hit, not just with Nico but the whole family! While Nico eats his as a puree, the rest of us mix it in our oatmeal, yogurt, and just this past weekend, we put it on top of our homemade banana ice cream (#summerbucketlist).


For Tyler’s original recipe, click here.


Throw about 4 Bananas & a bunch of Blueberries (about a pint) on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper


After about 20-25 minutes in the oven. Usually gauged by when the banana starts to split


Peeled bananas and blueberries in the Nutribullet


Pureed and put ice cube trays, ready to be frozen and packaged in a ziploc bags.

Tip: Check out Fresh Baby Ice Cube Trays. They are great for freezing, and so easy to pop out the purees once frozen.

These messy smiles say it all!

IMG_7213 IMG_7297

The Mom & Baby Program is set to begin in just a few weeks! We are so excited to meet all the new moms and babies.

We have a great line up of presenters and activities. Music, Yoga, Salsa Babies, Massage, Sleep, Nutrition, Returning to Work, CPR & First Aid and much much more. LEARN EXPERIENCE & SOCIALIZE!

Updated schedule below:

Mom & Baby Oakville _ Fall 2014

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