Living by the lake.

One of the many benefits to living in Oakville, is the possibility of living by the lake. If you are one of the lucky ones who does, you know just how special it can be.

I went for a long bike ride this morning, first dropping my daughter off at “school” (daycare) and then doing my usual round about by the lake. I don’t have any photo’s to share as I needed by daily does of “unplugged” time. Time just for me, all alone, no devices, to think, imagine, dream and simply observe the world around me. My second stop was of course at Cobs because I’m a frequent customer that can’t live without my whole wheat bread and scones. Then I proceeded down to the pier. The weather could not be better today and after a long rainy weekend, people seemed to be taking advantage of getting outside. One of the thing’s that surprised me when I moved here was just how friendly everyone is. Lot’s of “hello’s” and “good mornings” just seem to make the day better. From the guy fishing at the end of the pier to the film crew on the adjacent pier to the grandma and grandpa with the two little girls looking for rocks on the beach to the many people walking dogs to the friendly older man picking up sticks from the storm, everyone says hello with a sincere smile, including me! I quickly picked up this friendly habit, and it truly does make me happier.

Not only is living by the lake a wonderful experience, living by any body of water has many health benefits. Water for most people is extremely calming, especially for children and babies. Taking your little ones for walks by the water is surely an enjoyable activity for all. Another important benefit is the fresh air, although this morning after the stormy weekend it smelled more like washed up seaweed, but the fresh air is so invigorating!

I participate in a outdoor fitness class at Lakeshore Park every Thursday morning and I must say it’s so nice to be outside, surrounded by nature and looking out at the water while sweating away and doing something healthy for myself. Being outside in the sunshine and getting that important dose of Vitamin D is another wonderful benefit.

I hope I have inspired all of you to take a walk to the water today and enjoy the benefits that living in Oakville has to offer. We don’t know what tomorrow might hold (weather wise) so never waste a sunny day!

Have a wonderful week!




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My first Blog Post as the new director of Mommy Connections Oakville!

Hello to all the Mommy Connections families! Spring is finally here and one of my favourite spring/summer activities is visiting the local farmers markets.

The concept of “farm-to-table” is one that is gaining momentum – meaning, eating locally grown foods that are in season. Farmers markets are a great way to visit many different farms in one location and to ask all the questions you may have. This week I ventured to the Dorval Crossing Farmers Market in Oakville, to see what goodies I could find. Here are my top picks;

My Top Picks @ The Dorval Crossing Farmers Market 

Saturdays from 8am – 2pm until November 28th. Southeast corner of Dorval & North Service Road, just north of the QEW.

This farm offers an array of lovely maple and honey products. The farm, in Cambellville Ontario, manages roughly 100 beehives and has one on display at the market for the kids to see. They sell beautifully packaged soaps, lip balms, candles, 100% pure maple syrup, 100% raw honey and even some treats. Visit them online at:

IMG_9840   IMG_9839

Andrew’s Scenic Acres Farm from near by Halton Hills, was selling some delicious strawberries this weekend. Also, fresh rhubarb, baked goods, jams and honey. Visit them online at:

IMG_9827 IMG_9826 IMG_9821

One of my personal favourites, baked goods. These bakers come all the way from Otterville, Ontario with a selection of homemade cookies, pies, tarts, cakes, breads and pastries. My favourite…..the turnovers!

IMG_9843 IMG_9846

What can I say, I’m a sucker for popcorn. And Oak Tree Farms from Oakville, is serving some delicious popcorn in several different flavours. For me, I went with the original sweet and salty. A perfect treat for any afternoon.


*Remember, look for foods that are in season, and if you aren’t sure, ask a farmer! They are extremely helpful, and if you’re not sure how to put something to good use, the farmers often have great ideas on how to incorporate these items into your everyday cooking. Oh! One more tip, try everything! Farmers love for you to try their products and kids are great taste testers! (See below)




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