The Lost Art Of Doing One Thing At A Time.

The Lost Art Of Doing One Thing At A Time. Especially for new mom’s.

After spending a full week relaxing at our family cottage and then returning home, I made a discovery! The Lost Art Of Doing One Thing At A Time. I know what you may be thinking, this is impossible or too simple to even talk about. But I believe that the more we are aware of this amazing new discovery the better off our minds will be.

Here is an example.

At the cottage:

For the most part, the only reason to get into your car and leave the cottage is to run to the Marina or the closet town to pick something up. So we get into the car, listen to the only radio channel that is decent, Moose FM, and drive away. No cell service.

At home:

We drive everyday. We get into the car, search for a radio channel, enter destination into the navigation, check cell phone, drive away, stop at traffic light, check cell phone, play with radio channels, make phone calls, check navigation.

The point is, lets try to be present, in the moment, pay attention, and slow down. We spend so much time rushing to get everything done we actually need reminders to enjoy things in life and to be thankful for the world around us.

Being a mom of two and soon to be three, I know this is especially true for new moms. There is so much to do and so little time in a day. I’ve learned since having my second that sometimes we just need days to stay home, slow down, relax a little and really enjoy those special first months with our newborns. Take the time to watch them sleep and cuddle them for as long as you possibly can. Everyone tells you not to hold them too much or they will be “spoiled.” I can tell you, when my children were born, all I wanted to do is hold them for hours while they slept on me. The cliché is true, they do grow fast, which is why I’m constantly trying to remind myself to stop rushing around all the time (although pregnancy is helping slow me down…) and give them my most present and true self for a least a little while. I have found that being healthy and active makes me happy but so does enjoying the moments that I know I will never get back.

Wishing all the new mama’s out there a happy and restful week!


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