The first three months home with a Newborn.

First, my apologies for not writing sooner – having a newborn, a toddler, a teenager and a husband at home tends to consume all of ones time. I’m not complaining (one of my secret new years resolutions – complain less…don’t tell my husband) because of course I love all of them more than I can say. But I do spend an exorbitant amount of time caring for all of them.

As of last Saturday my newborn daughter transitioned into the “infant” stage of life according to my baby books. With this came a wave of relief, (that the newborn stage is over) sadness, (that the newborn stage is over) joy, (because infants are so much fun) and happiness that I will be getting more sleep soon!

Some of you may be wondering what it’s like to bring home a new baby with a toddler at home…. For us the first few weeks were challenging. My toddler was so attached to me that when we brought the new baby home she had a really hard time sharing “mommy.” Many tears have been shed, both for her and me, but we got through it. After three weeks or so she adjusted beautifully. Thankfully, my toddler has a gentle soul and loves to take care of her new sister. I also attribute the fact that we all made it out of those first few weeks alive, to my mom, who moved in after I called her crying one desperate night in need of help and sleep. The road may have been rocky but so worth it. My newest daughter, Olivia, has filled my heart more than I thought possible. Oh and my teenager, he’s the best. He’s got more on his plate than I ever did at 14. He helps me everyday and rarely complains. I could not be more thankful for him and his generous heart.

So now I have – an infant, a toddler, a teenager, a husband and of course myself to care for. Which for some reason still doesn’t seem any easier?! But it’s more and more fun by the day. Some days we get lots done and some days we hibernate. And that’s totally ok. I returned to the gym around 10 weeks postpartum, working on getting my strength and muscle back is one of my top priorities right now. Exercise makes me happy, plain and simple. And if getting to the gym isn’t possible, fresh air can always do the trick.

All in all, having a big family is wonderful. Crazy yes. But wonderful too.

Talk soon,


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