Mommies Connecting @ Mommy Connections

Written by Andrea Mitchell Patkau, Mommy Connections Oakville Graduate

My first Mommy Connections Mom & Baby class was the first day of spring; it was a new beginning! Like the name of the program suggests, it embodies the idea of connection on all accounts. I am so happy to have been part of this program because not only did I connect with other mommies, but it allowed me to connect more with my baby, and to also connect with the presenters and thus learn more about many aspects of motherhood.

I think my favourite class was the baby wearing class and the baby bootcamp! I learned so much about baby wearing including which carriers are safer for pelvic floor health and how to wear my baby on my back!! That same class, we did a 30 minute workout whole wearing our babies! The next day my thighs and calves were so sore, the sign of a good workout!


The structure of how the classes are set up really maximize learning and keep it interesting. Each class there are two presenters sharing their expertise on a subject. Some examples of topics are: first aid, baby proofing, mom and baby yoga, infant massage, photography, music, baby bootcamp, baby wearing, daycare, baby sign language and many more!

The other cool thing is you get a swag bag  on the first day filled with tons of product, magazines and samples.

Mommy Connections is a great way to learn more about motherhood, connect with your baby and other moms, and have fun! Motherhood can sometimes feel scary, overwhelming and lonely, but knowing that you have a group of women who are experiencing the same things you are, helps tremendously with those feelings and provides you with a safe community to share and learn.

I attended the class in Oakville, but there are programs all over the country. Milton, Burlington, Caledon, Toronto, Vaughan, Ajax and Barrie are amongst some of the locations in Ontario.


Thanks for a great experience!


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