FREE Event – Paediatric Massage & The Importance of Positive Touch


Babies simply love to be touched. In fact, they thrive on it — it is a critical part of growth and development. Not only can you use massage to bond with your baby, it can also help with: Gas, Colic, Constipation, Teething discomforts, Muscle tone issues, Torticollis, Enhanced development of the nervous system, Reduce stress, hormones and release oxytocin.Join us for a fun interactive paediatric massage class and learning the importance of positive touch between parent and child, and siblings!
Learn about your child’s cues, what oils to use, simple massage techniques, how to set up the massage area and tips on helping your child
love his massage.Chair massages will also be offered to moms and dads during the class!

 Nicole Nifo is a Registered Massage Therapist, Doula, Certified  Paediatric Massage Therapist and new mom of a twelve month old boy. Nicole
is also the founder of Fully Alive Wellness Centre in Oavkille, ON where she specializes in pregnancy and paediatric massage therapy. Nicole’s
work with baby massage has been featured in Today’s Parent Magazine, Massage Therapy Canada, Parents Canada Magazine and appeared on local television shows on CTV, Rogers TV and OMNI television.

Join us at this great event! Have fun, meet other families, and enjoy some light refreshments.Space is limited, RSVP today by clicking here.

When: Tuesday June 2 @ 10:00am

Where: BrightPath Oakville, 20 Shepherd Road, Oakville ON L6K 2G5




Guest Blog Written By Monkey See Monkey Do

Young children throw temper tantrums quite often and unfortunately it’s not always easy to tell why. Maybe it’s because they want something from you, they’re frustrated and unable to  communicate, or simply tired.  It can be embarrassing at the time but we have to remember it happens in every family. Here are some RECE recommended tips for defeating an episode with ease.




Guest Blog Post, Written by Monkey See Monkey Do

RECEs across the country know how important play based learning is because it’s the core of their teaching methods. The educational phenomenon that’s reaching chidcare centres everywhere can be confusing to parents at first, but rest assured, every giggle and smile is the sign of a child learning.  Here are 6 great learning through play areas and why they are so useful.

Playing house develops language and communication skills while allowing children to handle adult tools and materials. It builds self-awareness and encourages relationships.

Science and discovery games build on problem solving, gathering information and exploration in the natural and physical world.

Building centres allow growth for both fine and gross motor skill development, spacial awareness and colour recognition

Creative corners work on hand/eye co-ordination, visual patterns, and responsibility with tools.

Technology  games are great for helping a child understand cause and effect as well as any other  skill the game is aimed at.

The quiet centre of the classroom improves literacy and self-control in children

Transitioning my babies to solids, and introducing them to new foods was, and is, one of my fave experiences.  I enjoyed it with my first, and therefore couldn’t wait to start with my second little guy. It’s so exciting and fun to watch them try new foods, flavours and textures for the first time. One of Roman’s original favourites was the blueberries and banana combo. So messy, but oh so delicious!


Roman @ 6 months old (now 5 years old) enjoying his blueberries & bananas

In my search for new combos of flavours for Nico, I stumbled on Tyler Florence’s roasting recipes, and his cookbook Start Fresh. This particular cookbook of his is filled with recipes, for infants, babies, toddlers and well…adults too. Tyler loves to roast. He says in his cookbook that it’s “your best tool for winning your children over to what they may still consider the dark side of eating; fresh vegetables. The roasting process brings out food’s natural sugars and deeply develops its flavour in a way that boiling and even steaming simply can’t”

He’s right!!!! The proof is in the difference between a roasted sweet potato on the bbq vs steamed.

Using fresh blueberries from the market (#summerbucketlist), I ventured to try roasting the blueberries and bananas instead. Wow! So sweet and delicious! It was a big hit, not just with Nico but the whole family! While Nico eats his as a puree, the rest of us mix it in our oatmeal, yogurt, and just this past weekend, we put it on top of our homemade banana ice cream (#summerbucketlist).


For Tyler’s original recipe, click here.


Throw about 4 Bananas & a bunch of Blueberries (about a pint) on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper


After about 20-25 minutes in the oven. Usually gauged by when the banana starts to split


Peeled bananas and blueberries in the Nutribullet


Pureed and put ice cube trays, ready to be frozen and packaged in a ziploc bags.

Tip: Check out Fresh Baby Ice Cube Trays. They are great for freezing, and so easy to pop out the purees once frozen.

These messy smiles say it all!

IMG_7213 IMG_7297

Guest Blog Written By Jamie Contarini, Good Night Sleep Site Halton Consultant

You have probably heard not to sleep train until your little one is at least 4 months old (calculated from their estimated due date).  This is because their internal clock has not matured yet.  Once they reach 4 months old, you can incorporate the following tips to promote healthy sleep.

#1: Create a Nap & Bedtime Routine

Be sure to include a soothing routine before naps and bedtime.  For the bedtime, a routine of approximately 30 minutes is a great length to wind them down and get them ready for sleep.  The naptime routine should be a shorter version of your bedtime routine.  It doesn’t have to be a long routine, something as simple as singing a song or two, or putting on their sleep sack etc.  We want to give your baby cues that sleep is coming next.

#2: Provide and Age Appropriate Bedtime

Babies need more sleep than most of us realize, so that means bedtime between 5:30 and 7:00pm.  Don’t be afraid to put them down early.  Early bedtimes can lead to less night waking’s and a later wake time.

#3: Consistent Daily Naps

Babies often have two longer naps and one catnap from 4 months on, and often drop the catnap between 6 and 9 months.  We usually see the two to one nap transition happen between 15 & 18 months.  There might be days where your little one will practice a new skill in the crib instead of sleeping, but it doesn’t mean that they are ready to give that nap up.  Continue to offer it for a week or two before making any changes.

#4: Manage Sleep Associations

You want your baby to fall asleep and wake in the same setting so that they can put themselves back to sleep on their own.  For example, if they are falling asleep while nursing or drinking a bottle, then they will call for you to help them fall back asleep.  If you nurse them or feed them at the start of their routine and put them in their crib awake, then they will fall asleep on their own and have a better chance of falling asleep again if they wake.  Other associations to be mindful of are projectors, pacifiers and music – all of these can make it more difficult if your baby falls asleep with them.

 #5: Consistency

We say this to our client A LOT!  “Be consistent”…. Be consistent in wake time, naptime and bedtime.  Be consistent with how you allow your baby to fall asleep and be consistent in how you treat night waking’s.

You know your baby best, so when you are ready to teach them to sleep through the night, find a method that you are comfortable with and refer back to these tips.  Good luck and sweet dreams.

Good Night Sleep Site is a Family and Pediatric Sleep Practice with Global certified Sleep Consultants, ready to provide you with emotional and educational support to help your baby or child with their sleep needs. Their goal is to work with you and set up a sleep plan that you are comfortable with to help your baby or child become a GREAT sleeper. They find what works for you and your family. Good Night Sleep Site currently has consultants in Toronto, Ottawa, Halton, North Carolina, California and Oklahoma, however can still assist you even if they are not physically located in your area. For more information on their services and packages or to book a 15 minute consultation, click here

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