Keeping your home safe and your baby out of trouble with Guarda Vent!


Keeping your home safe and your baby out of trouble with Guarda Vent!


When I was pregnant with my daughter, it felt like I was bombarded by ads to baby proof my home. I felt like everything that was once deemed innocent was all of a sudden a death trap for a little one on the move. But as she grew and began to crawl and ultimately walk, we just felt that our calm little first-born didn’t really fit the mould of that typical “danger baby”. She didn’t put things in her mouth. She wouldn’t dare go near the stairs. She never found any pleasure in poking electrical outlets or trying to scale the furniture. So we really did the bare minimum in regards to baby proofing our home, and simply put a gate at the top of the stairs. That was it. 

We were really proud that we created calm, “easy babies”. Then I gave birth to my son…

Before our baby boy was successfully even able to crawl, he was getting into mischief. We very quickly realized that everything we had experienced with our daughter gave us a very false sense of security and we were going to have our work cut out for us with our busy little guy. Unlike our daughter, it seemed that he was attracted to taking normal, everyday household items and singlehandedly turning them into death traps!

The furniture became obstacles for him to launch himself off of. Outlets became finger traps. Oven knobs were for reaching up to and turning on. Toilets were for swimming in. And vent covers were for lifting up and throwing items inside. To say it’s been challenging keeping up with him, is an understatement.

There comes a point in time where you know you need to make major safety improvement to your home, but at the same time, you want to keep things functional and liveable. With all the products on the market it’s hard to find that balance where you can cary on life as normal and these baby proofing items don’t impact the quality of your living. My husband once bought kitchen door locks and it felt like we had to crack a secret code every time we wanted a to grab a tupperware…that is just sustainable for us.

This summer and as we were packing up to head to our trailer for the weekend, I was frantically searching my home for the keys to lock up. I looked high and low and in all of the baby’s secret hiding places. The keys were GONE. My husband took some time to remind me that I’m “always losing things” which of course, spurred into a typical Saturday morning couples argument, but even worse than that, was having to get the locks on our doors and mailboxes changed and new sets of keys.

Flash forward to last week and as our home is being renovated, all the vent covers are currently taken off. I watched my little mischief toddler walk over and throw his sisters LOL doll down the vent in the foyer. I quickly reached in and retrieved it and wouldn’t you know, 4 months later, I found the keys! It was VERY validating to tell my husband that I do not in fact, lose things, but that our baby maniac hid them on me. Though by this point the keys have become useless as the locks are different.

So you can imagine our excitement when we found out there is such a thing as CHILD PROOF VENT COVERS for your home. The Guarda Vent prevents your tiny little trouble makers from lifting the vents out of the floor, something that not only leads to you losing your things, but can actually be super dangerous too.

The vents work by screwing into the inside of the vent so they don’t damage your flooring (which was a must for us as we just renovated our hardwood and did not want to use things like the usually recommended double sided tape or velcro on them). When the top of the vent is closed it locks in place preventing littles from opening it but if parents need to, it’s done easily by two small tabs that tiny fingers can’t grasp.

They come in four different colours to match your decor and best of all, can be installed in less than a minute!

The Guarda Vent has completely changed the game for us . The relief in knowing he can no longer throw things down there, or lift up the cover and fall in, is massive for our family. Of all the childproofing items on the market, this is one we would collectively as a family say, don’t skip on.

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