A fun program geared for your crawlers, scooters and early walkers! Mommy Connections introduces you to your community through engaging, social and educational programs. Thursdays from 10AM to 11AM from January 9th – February 13th.

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Mini Movers ( 8 – 18 months) THURSDAYS 10AM – 11AM (JANUARY 9TH – FEBRUARY 13TH)


Learn, socialize and have fun with your active ‘older’ babe!


The evolution of our flagship Mom & Baby program, Mini Movers offers the same format and benefits – but geared towards crawlers, scooters and early walkers.


Each week features a discussion and/or activity led by a local expert, followed by a chance for the babes to play and socialize in fun and safe environment. You’ll learn valuable information about topics like baby/toddler nutrition, childcare options in your community etc., and get to try an array of activities that your busy babe will love. 


We meet from 10AM to 11AM on Thursdays at Dance Magic North. Each session runs for six weeks, with our next one beginning on January 9th.


What you get 


Included in your $105 registration fee is:

  • Six classes full of information, bonding opportunities and connection
  • A free professional picture of you and your baby, taken by a local photographer
  • A swag bag filled with discounts, samples and small gifts from local and national companies we think you’ll love


Why Mini Movers?


Here are some of our past participants’ favourite things about this one-of-a-kind program (and why we think you’ll love it too!):

  • It’s a great way – and reason – to get out of the house with an older babe
  • The environment is warm, welcoming and inclusive 
  • It provides a unique chance to discover activities and try them ‘before you buy’
  • It’s designed for crawlers and walkers – there is no expectation of silence or stillness!  
  • The expert information is tailored to the stage of parenting you’re at
  • All the freebies!


“It takes a village to raise a child and thanks to Mommy Connections I have found my village.”



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How old should my baby be when I register?


A: This program is for crawlers and early walkers – we find it best suited to babies from about 8 to 18 months, but this is a loose guideline. 


If your baby is younger, check out our Mom & Baby program or newborn to 8 months. If they’re older we also offer a very popular Travelling Tots program for 1.5 to 4 years.


Q: Can I attend just a few classes?

A: Single sessions are not available. A huge focus of our program is community building, which can only be created when a group is consistent from start to finish. 


Q: Who runs the class?


A: Tori Grebinski is the owner and director of Mommy Connections Red Deer. You will meet her at the programs and she will either run the class or one of her wonderful Facilitators will be there to help you feel welcomed


Q: How many moms are in each class?


A: We aim to keep classes at or below 12 participants to foster a cozy, community feel.

Q: When will I find out the schedule of topics/activities? Are the classes types/activities guaranteed?


A: You will receive a schedule via email before your session begins.  We cannot guarantee that a particular type of class (like CPR, yoga, or music) will be a part of any given session. Class topics change slightly from session to session and are subject to local experts’ availability. We can, however, promise you a great mix of things!


Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: Our full cancellation policy can be viewed here.  


“Mommy Connections has given me the opportunity to not only connect with some truly amazing women around me, but also to learn about different topics that are so relevant to being a new mom. It`s social, informative and FUN – it has truly been a highlight of my mat leave.”