Introducing Inspired Go:  Quick & Delicious Meals – Ready To Go!


Introducing Inspired Go:  Quick & Delicious Meals – Ready To Go!




In addition to Mommy Connections, I also work full time outside of the house – starting at 7 am!  Between soccer, football, track, Brownies, violin and guitar we never have a free night. By the time we were home from activities, get the kids in bed and the house cleaned up from the day, I have no energy to pack a lunch. So while I have the intention of getting up early to pack a lunch, hitting the snooze button one too many times often wins instead! This resulted in me getting into the habit of ordering food to work multiple times a week. And then I found out about Inspired Go. The salads looked amazing, were affordable, and best of all it’s all ready to go. I was so excited to give it a try!

I placed my order online while waiting for my girls during their music lessons. Then on Sunday the package arrived at my door in a refrigerated cooler bag. So easy!

I had such a hard time picking between the salads that Inspired Go has available – there are so many more on my list I want to try! Plus, they add new recipes every week, keeping things interesting and lots of variety. 

I love how quick and easy it makes my mornings – I just need to grab a salad from the fridge and away I go. No cooking. No prep. I also love the packaging and how all the different ingredients are kept separate and then I combine them before I eat it. Even though I’m an adult I can be picky like my kids! If I don’t want tomatoes in my salad, I can easily remove them. As a picky eater this is amazing! The lettuce is so yummy and fresh. Plus, it’s greenhouse grown with zero pesticides. 

I started my week with the Thai Lemongrass salad – the dressing was so good and I loved the addition of the mango jalapeno salsa to the salad. My husband tried the twisted cobb salad and added some chicken – he said it was amazing! My favourite was probably the Asian Crunch Salad, the crispy wonton strips and edamame were so good! 

In addition to the salads, they have some other delicious items like overnight oats and chia pudding – all ready to eat. The Pina Colada Chia Pudding made me feel like I was on a tropical beach and was perfect for my busy morning and kept me going until lunch.

Inspired Go delivers to many Western Canadian cities including Saskatoon and Regina. They also recently launched in Mississauga and Etobicoke in Ontario. Summer is a busy time with lots of holidays, Inspired Go does not require a subscription, so you can order as you want (minimum $40 order). 

Our Mommy Connections community saves 20% off your first order when you place your order here

I can’t wait to see what delicious summer-time salads they will have available! Check them out at


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