Who should register for Mommy Connections?


Have you been looking for some sort of ‘mommy-thing’ to register for in the New Year? There are so many great classes for mom and baby that sometimes it’s hard to decide what to sign up for. Here are some…

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All the things I have to do…


I woke up yesterday and said, “If I do nothing else today, I will make SURE that I fill up our humidifiers.” Simple task, takes approximately 2 minutes tops. Did it get completed? Of course not! I went to bed…

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Now I know my ABC’s (and that’s about it!)


Yes…that’s the only song I sing to Princess E. One fussy day while driving, I probably sang my ABC’s 20 times just to keep her from crying. Why only one song? It’s the only one I know!!! As I was…

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What am I going to wear today?


Some days I stand in front of my closet and think, “With all these clothes, why do I feel like I have nothing to wear?” Moms have a lot to consider when getting dressed for the day. Moms’ bodies go…

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We’re talking about what???


“What is the point of having a La Leche League leader present at a POST-natal session?” That is exactly what I was thinking when I heard who our presenter was this week at Mommy Connections Edmonton West. Now, don’t get…

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No More Candy…Please!


Thank goodness Halloween is over…and that large box of candy is finally empty so it can stop tempting me! Halloween with an infant is definitely more of an experience for the parents. Who can resist a smiley baby dressed as…

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Making Friends at Mommy Connections


Have you ever wondered what this whole Mommy Connections thing is really about? Have you looked at our website, thought about taking a class, but then never registered? I did the same thing when I was pregnant. I recently joined…

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Hello Sherwood Park


I am so excited to be bringing Mommy Connections to Sherwood Park. Sherwood Park has a reputation of being a family-centered community. I am looking forward to meeting and interacting with new families (or old ones!) who are expecting a…

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