The Caped Crusader Joins Our Party – Thanks To The Superhero Company


The Caped Crusader Joins Our Party – Thanks To The Superhero Company


IMG_3075In his 5 short years on this planet, my little guy has had some pretty cool birthday parties. However, I think that this year takes the cake (no pun intended).  We sent out the Bat Signal in hopes that a special guest would join my little guy’s party, and The Superhero Company came to our rescue!

We chose The Superhero Company because all of their performers are professionally trained actors with amazing acrobatic skills and uncanny resemblances to the most beloved children’s superheroes. Even subtle elements of the performance including facial appearance and voice are well-rehearsed to add authenticity to each character. Add theatrical quality costumes and a patented, structured ‘Superhero Training Party,’ program full of games, and your party goers are transported to a world where superheroes really do exist!  Here’s a visual journey of our amazing day.

He started out teaching his pint sized heroes how to channel their strength and defend themselves against evil villains.

IMG_2771Then he played a variety of game like speed races and arm wrestling. He remained a great sport despite losing over and over again to 5 year olds – lol!








I was nervous that a Batman theme might only appeal to the 5 year old boys, but our Batman really knew how to engage kids of all ages. His biggest fan was the 3 year old wonder woman who didn’t leave his side! Even a skeptical 11 year old couldn’t resist the appeal, eventually dressing up in a Hulk costume 10 sizes to small for him to enjoy the fun!


Admittedly, I think the adults were just as much in awe as the kids. He had perfected the raspy Batman voice, and remained in character for a full hour. There might have been a few women in the room that had a small crush on him (*ahem*)



I know plenty of kids who are afraid of life sized characters (even the friendly ones like Dora and Mickey Mouse!) but Batman acted in a way that was authentic, but not scary. He even made friends with a 1 year old.

IMG_3076 IMG_3084 IMG_2751












The highlight for my little guy was his special gift from batman, an autographed colouring book and Superhero certificate! All of our guests were able to have their colouring sheets autographed. They were having so much fun we had to drag them away for their cake!












Superhero Training Party™ (For Children) Includes:

The Superhero greets the birthday child and announces that they have super-powers for the day.
The birthday child and his/her friends are trained in the art of super-heroics, including a lesson on the signature character moves.
Our Superhero plays games with the birthday child and his/her guests.
Each guest receives a temporary tattoo, and a chance to test their super skills on the Superhero!
Our superhero poses with the birthday child and his/her guests for a memorable photo.
Upon receiving a signed superhero autograph, the birthday child and his/her friends deliver the Superhero Oath and are forever sworn-in as members of their Superhero’s team.
Pricing for GTA:
$170 (+HST) for 60 minutes

Characters include:  Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Iron Man, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Captain Jack Sparrow, Power Ranger and more!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this blog post, featuring the amazing party location Children’s Urban Enrichment Studio (CUES).


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