Why Should You Join Mommy Connections?


Why Should You Join Mommy Connections?

April 7, 2015

As a second time mom, I can tell you despite the lack of income there are two things to “splurge on”: buying yourself some comfy new clothes and getting yourself out of the house with other mamas! Everyone tells you to “get out of the house” right? But actually doing it can be difficult when the weather isn’t great or you don’t feel like yourself or you are exhausted from lack of sleep and increase of hormones! The key is to get out of the house WITH OTHER MAMAS… because we ALL don’t fit our pre pregnancy jeans, we all haven’t slept, we all snapped at our husbands yesterday, we all aren’t having adult conversations and we all have spit up somewhere on us guaranteed.

This week, as my three months of classes with Mommy Connections West Toronto wrapped up, I felt so good that I made the decision to register and wanted to share the value I have seen from taking the leap and registering. I am also incredibly grateful to have met so many amazing mamas and their babes who I know will continue to be part of my life.

I have a 2 year old diva… oops I mean daughter, and a 4 month old son. Two under two is a handful, so I have kept my daughter in part time daycare which she AND I both LOVE! This gave me the freedom to join things like Mommy Connections and give the same attention to my son that my daughter got on my first maternity leave.

The first class was an introduction and I was anxious about who I would meet. Whether it would feel forced or be valuable – with two kids my time has now become very precious. Karen welcomed everyone and gave us all name tags (thank god I thought, my baby brain didn’t have to remember everyone’s name!!) and I quickly realized that the structure of Mommy Connections classes were executed in a way that it was easy to meet moms and get to know one another as much as you felt like. Great locations, thoughtful get to know you questions, fun prizes and amazing facilitators plus a well-planned itinerary make these programs a success. It was the perfect casual environment where you could listen, participate and feed baby as needed. I felt an instant bond with the legging-wearing woman around the circle who had all, like myself, just recently been professionals with great careers and were now full-time moms.

Mommy Connections Class Photo - Jan 2015 Tues PM

That first class I received very useful baby/mommy products and gift certificates valued at far more than the classes had cost me! Before any of the experts had even come to share their knowledge I had already seen value. Then over the course of 3 months, I slowly got to know the moms and we met for coffee or lunch (coordinated by the Mommy Connections team) before or after class. You cannot put a value on the relationships you build with moms who take part in Mommy Connections classes. On top of that, each week we learned tangible takeaways related to babies like: amazing sleep tips, infant massage, sign language, introducing music, homeopathic remedies and daycare search advice. We also focused on ourselves with post natal chiropractic care, stretches and various workouts that kicked my butt and left me feeling AWESOME!

As a mommy blogger and founder of Crafty Celebrations and avid Instagram user I took a few photos of Mason and me at our Mommy Connections classes – here they are!

Kisti and Mason Insta Kisti and Mason Insta 2 Kisti and Mason Insta 3

A professional picture of you & baby by Small Ant Productions is one of the many perks of the program – such a great momento.
Kirsti 2

There are loads of things to sign up for when we are maternity leave BUT Mommy Connections West Toronto is different. It incorporates baby related topics as mentioned above along with networking, education and fitness for mamas! Whether you are a new mom or a second timer like me, Mommy Connections will give you time for yourself and time for you to focus on baby. You will get great freebies, learn so much, and build amazing relationships with like-minded women 🙂

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