How To Throw A Pokemon Themed Birthday Party


How To Throw A Pokemon Themed Birthday Party


PokemonGo is a craze overtaking North America. A game that appeals to both 4 year olds, and 40 year olds, and it was the perfect theme for my son’s 7th birthday party.

Pokemon Birthday Party Ideas

Thankfully, you couldn’t ask for an easier theme. The infamous PokeBall has simple colours (White, Black and Red) and a simple shape, so it’s easy to let your imagination run wild. Using Pinterest for inspiration, I created this simple Pokemon themed fruit tray as a snack.

Pokemon Fruit Tray

The main course was PokeBall pizza. I had seen a version made with black olives, but what 7 year old like olives?! Instead, I steamed some spinach. Not only did it look better than olives, it also made the pizza healthier 😉

Pokemon Pizza

I was I could take credit for making these awesome candy apples, but I cheated a bit and bought them from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Company.

Pokemon Dessert

The highlight of the party was a game I created called the PokePunch. Inspired by East Coast Mommy and her DIY Prize Punch. My son and I worked on this together, placing a Pokemon card into each paper cup and then covering it with tissues paper secured with an elastic. I then hot glue gunned the cups to a poster board in the shape of a PokeBall and hung it from our garage.

Pokemon Birthday Party Game









Come party day, the boys took turns wearing hilarious Picachu glasses and spinning like mad before heading towards the board to punch a cup of their choice. A modern day version of pin the tail on the donkey, with Pokémon cards as the prize! This game could easily be adapted to contain hockey cards, candy, or any other themed item you decide to place in the cups.

Pokemon Birthday Party Game

Pokemon Birthday Party Game










Since we were watching a movie outside at night, our craft was paper Pokemon lanterns. We used white lunch bags with flameless candles inside. The kids drew their own design, and then added a hole punch and piece of twine as a handle to hold it all together.  We then hung them in the backyard.

Pokemon Craft For Kids

I replaced traditional loot bags, with special surprises that each boy got throughout the party. We started with Ash hats and also cups, glow sticks and tattoos.

Pokemon Loot Bag Items From Party City

I think the highlight was a massive water gun fight – 7 boys vs daddy. Nothing to do with Pokemon, but it sure does make a cute picture!

Pokemon Birthday Party Game

For more birthday party ideas, check out our Backyard Drive-In or Batman themed party.

0 Responses to “How To Throw A Pokemon Themed Birthday Party”

  1. Monica says:

    Did you put a prize in every cup ? Or just a few and the kids get one chance to see if they won a prize ?

    • karendavey says:

      I put a Pokemon card in each cup, in hindsight I would have put an extra special prize in one of the cups as well.

  2. sangina says:

    Thank you very much for this idea.I made one & doing it on my son’s pok’emon birthday .

  3. Bilkyroo says:

    Didn’t the cards get crushed when the kids punched the cups?

    • karendavey says:

      We had them punch very lightly, or “poke” them vs punching. The key is to make sure the cup is large enough to hold the card. My cups were a bit small so that cards bent slightly when I was fitting them in.

  4. Erin says:

    So cute, I’m going to do the punch game as well. Did you feel the hot glue held the cups on the posterboard ok?

    • karendavey says:

      Yes, the glue gun worked great as long as you coat the whole circumference of the cup. They all stayed on!

  5. Ammy says:

    How did you only have 7 boys!? That’s amazing! I have a list with 32 and counting!

    • karendavey says:

      It was a sleepover, 7 was all I could handle without losing my mind 🙂

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