Overnight Oats 101 (A Breakfast Game-Changer!)


Overnight Oats 101 (A Breakfast Game-Changer!)

May 11, 2017


I used to find breakfast to be a challenge. I needed a cup of strong coffee before even saying good morning to my family, and usually forced myself to eat something a couple of hours after that (if at all).

A few years ago I got tired of feeling sluggish and uninspired in the mornings and decided to make a change. So I started making this granola recipe – and it’s been a staple of my family’s diet every since.

The energy boost from the oatmeal combined with the protein punch of the nuts and Greek yogurt keep our energy sustained, but man am I ever B-O-R-E-D of it.

So the new-to-me phenomenon of overnight oats could not have come at a better time. Quaker invited me to attend an event hosted by Kortney Wilson of HGTV’s Master Flipp that was all about achieving overnight oat success for busy moms.






It was fun, interactive, and SO inspiring – and the rest, as they say, is history.

Overnight oats had me at hello. At the event I learned that, with just a few short and simple steps the night before, I could have a wholesome and delicious breakfast ready for my family each and every morning – that we can mix-up and shake-up in dozens of ways.

I love that each of us can customize our portions to suit our tastes and preferences and, of course, how delicious they are. But perhaps the BEST part of this discovery is how much my son likes making them!

He sees overnight oats a fun science experiment and loves creating different versions. I love that it’s a totally kid-safe and kid-friendly recipe to let him run with (no knives or hot stoves involved!) – whether I’m around or not.

Would you believe me if I told you that my 7-year-old son got his own breakfast this morning while I relaxed in bed? Because he did. (Pinch me.)


The parent in me also feels obliged to point out that, in addition to being fun, overnight oats are a great option for picky eaters, and an excellent way to introduce alternative milks to your children in a fun and delicious way.

Below are some recipes to get you started – followed by some tips for success based on my experience.


You can also get a sheet full of recipes courtesy of Quaker.

My personal favourite recipe? This one.

I wasn’t sure about the dates, but it turns out I love them and can’t get enough. Who knew? (I loved them so much that I snuck a few extras home with me in this cute bag – don’t tell Quaker!)

A few tips for success (and maximum deliciousness):

1. I prefer mixing my ingredients in a bowl first and them putting them into the jars, as opposed to layering them individually in the jar. While not quite as pretty, I find that it makes for optimal flavour-disbursement.

2. I’ve made Sunday my meal and lunch prep date. I clean all of our fruit so that it’s ready for lunches, snacks – and our oats. I then pre-measure the oats and dry ingredients into the mason jars and leave them on the counter for the week so all that’s left to do each evening is assemble.

3. Overnight Oats don’t need to be eaten straight out of the fridge. I prefer to leave mine out for an hour to remove some of the chill. You can also thin them out a bit with almond milk (cold or you can get fancy and steam it). They could absolutely be taken on-the-go (just add a lid and toss it in your bag!).

4. These Ikea extra-long spoons for regular mason jars, and mini jars for kids are the perfect overnight oats accessories!

If breakfast inspiration – or time – is lacking in your house in the mornings, pick up some Quaker oats and try out some of the recipes above – or visit overnightoats.ca for even more inspiration. You’ll be glad you did!

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