Oh this needs some serious Kondo’ing! How I have sparked joy this winter.


Oh this needs some serious Kondo’ing! How I have sparked joy this winter.

January 21, 2019

I don’t know about you but getting back into the swing of things after the holiday season has been extremely challenging. I tried to enjoy some time off but having the kids home and so many things going on over the Christmas break, it was nice to just have some downtime on the days where we had nothing planned.  But then when it was time to get crackin’ and back into work mode, it was so hard to do.  I realized that I have no problem just doing nothing when given the chance!

The last couple weeks though with the onset of the new year’s resolutions I never keep, I was trying to keep my house a bit more organized, which started with putting away and finding a home for the toys from the Christmas aftermath, and purging my sons things.   In this exercise of attempting to clean and organize, I discovered the new viral craze, the Marie Kondo “Tidy Up” phenomenon, which for me and many, has become a bit of an obsession.   

I know I’m likely really late to the game on this as let’s face it, most days I feel like an ostrich with my head in the sand.  But I’m sure many of you have seen the show or at least heard of KonMari, a lifestyle brand inspiring people to choose joy and complete their tidying adventures, founded by a cute little Japanese lady named Marie Kondo. (which I’m sure is only her English name).  She is kind of like a robotic like Japanese Martha Stewart but for de-cluttering, not cooking and decorating.   This lady is fascinating yet somewhat irritating all at the same time because it boggles my mind how anyone can be this “perfect” and teach something so simple that has now become this massive worldwide sensation!  Her method basically teaches that you should be tidying by category, not room by room.  So start with clothes, then books, papers, kimono (household miscellaneous items like bathroom, kitchen, office), then lastly sentimental items.  The idea is to keep only the things that speak to the heart, take the items that don’t spark joy, thank for their service and let them go.    Simple as that – sounds simple right? I had to try it for myself as I wasn’t convinced.

I have two young sons and a hubby who definitely are not neat people and it challenged me to see if this KonMari method would work for our household and be sustainable over time.  I started with my own drawers and closets, and the linen closet which have always been like opening a Pillsbury croissant can ready to explode.  I must say that this KonMari method has got under my skin in a good way and I have done several areas of my home already.  In fact, now I have incorporated the term Marie Kondo into my vocab on a daily basis and it is my new favourite verb.   I find myself saying things like, “Oh, I need to Marie Kondo that” or “This cupboard needs some serious Kondo’ing”.    Who knew I had so many pairs of socks and underwear that I never ever have worn, forgot I had, or never will wear for one reason or another.  I think I got rid of at least 50 pairs and still have a whole drawer full that I wear! It’s seriously surprising how much stuff I have accumulated and up until now it never really bothered me.  I guess I have Marie Kondo to thank for this newfound realization!

Using the idea of holding an item and deciding whether it “sparks joy” is kind of weird to me and at first was very tedious but once you get going, it’s very easy to determine which items you really love, ones that spark joy, and which ones are not really worth keeping around.  Of course there is the “what’s useful” that comes into play as well, and those get kept IF they’ve been used within the last few months, otherwise it’s pitched. 

Using this simple method allowed me to get rid of 3 huge garbage bags (so far) of stuff I don’t use, don’t need, don’t like or is too old and worn out to keep.  It’s very liberating!   I’ll be moving on to my pantry and kitchen cupboards soon which will be quite the project.    Since winter hibernation has set in, if you’re going a little stir crazy and want to start clearing your home, mind and spirit, I recommend you give it a go and see how you enjoy the process!  Let me know what you think by leaving me a comment.  I’d love to hear how your Konmari’ing is going!

Check out the website for everything KonMari,  believe me – you will be opening up a whole new world! Everything from her Netflix shows, books, videos and more can be found there.  Be prepared to have your mind BLOWN!!!!   IT. WILL. HAPPEN.   (At least it did for me!)  Have fun ladies and you’re welcome !









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