Mother’s Day (Expectations vs Reality)


Mother’s Day (Expectations vs Reality)

May 12, 2019

By Midtown Toronto Mommy Blogger: Melissa MacDonald

If social media is to be believed… on Mother’s Day we should be sipping our hot coffee in bed bathed in the warm glow of the sunlight streaming in with baby sleeping soundly in the other room… (cue laughter).

Since this is my first Mother’s Day experience as a Mom I thought I’d share some of the ways I was so wrong about how this morning would go.

Expectation 1: Baby sleeps in and I get to catch up on rest

Reality: Ha! Baby greets the world at 6am


Expectation 2: After feeding the baby I can go back to sleep or stay in bed for a bit reading magazines and having a hot coffee

Reality: By 7:30 am husband asks “umm so are you staying in bed all day??” Not a page turned in a single magazine. Gulp down that cold coffee and get moving!


Expectation 3: Go for a nice family walk, get a fancy coffee and take some pictures together – with me actually in them!

Reality: 80% chance of rain and the sun is the only thing sleeping in today.

So now I sit… sipping a new luke-warm coffee from a shiny new mug that says “mom” thinking about how lucky I really am to have the cuddles, laughter and reality of my little family.

After all – isn’t that the point of celebrating today? Enjoying the messiness and hilarious reality that is Momhood?!

We should know by now that nothing with kids ever goes as planned! So let’s raise those new “Mom” mugs in solidarity to each other’s achievements and enjoy our day – whatever that looks like.

That’s reality, Mama.

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