Nobody likes moving… but moving with a baby takes on a whole new dimension


Nobody likes moving… but moving with a baby takes on a whole new dimension

July 3, 2019

By Melissa MacDonald, Midtown Toronto Mommy Blogger

We found out just how hard it can be to pack up even a one-bedroom condo. Since we couldn’t pack much during the day because the baby needed our attention, and at night we didn’t want to wake her with too much noise, we had to be very organized.

Lots of people generously offered their help so we decided to ask some of them to help during the pack stage, and some during the unpacking at our new place. My husband and I also took turns on tackling the packing so that one of us was always available to maintain the babies schedule. We packed overnight bags for all of us so that we always had access to the essentials as the move date got closer.

We started the process weeks early for the knick-knack things and used the time we had help to tackle the big things like the kitchen. We found lots of people giving away boxes through Facebook so we didn’t need to buy any – and LCBO boxes fit your glasses and breakables nicely!

So while it was more difficult with a Little One, it definitely wasn’t impossible. Turns out the village it takes to raise a baby is also available as part time movers.

Use those connections, and ask your village to lend you a hand, Mama!


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