Rainbow Bubblewrap Painting For Little Fingers


Rainbow Bubblewrap Painting For Little Fingers

April 9, 2021

Painting with your baby?! Some Moms will be giving an enthusiastic nod (“sure, I do this all the time!”)  while others will be thinking “I wouldn’t ever think of painting with my baby in a million years!” Maybe you fall somewhere in the middle. Not quite a Pinterest Mom, but you like having those adorable first attempts at art.

Last summer when I was a participant in a Mommy Connections Pop Up program in the park we did a similar painting in a bag craft. It now proudly sits on James’ shelf in his room and I’m sure I’ll be keeping it on display until long after he’s grown up, he was after all only 7 months when that artwork was created – pretty amazing if you ask me!

Here’s a craft idea for your babies/toddlers that actually is mess free and DOES actually look like something at the end (unlike some I’ve tried after being inspired by Pinterest Moms).

Kids have a natural fascination with bubble wrap (mine do at least), so save up a few pieces the next time an online order comes and bring it out on a rainy day when you need some cheer.

Bubble Wrap Paint Rainbow


  • Rectangle of bubble wrap (large enough to create an envelope to fit a piece of paper when folded in half)
  • Packing tape
  • Tempera Paint (red/orange/yellow/green/blue/purple)
  • 1 piece of white paper (thicker variety like cardstock if you have it)

Step #1

Fold a large piece of bubble wrap in half and tape the sides with packing tape to create an envelope big enough to fit a piece of paper (I found card stock holds up the best if you have it).

Squirt paint onto the sheet of paper in the arc of a rainbow (leave room between each colour). Slide the paper carefully into the bubble wrap envelope trying not to squish the paint too much. Tape the top of the envelope shut with more packing tape.


Step #2

Show your little one how to pop the bubbles which squishes the paint onto the paper! All with no mess!




Step #3

Carefully cut the sides of the bubble wrap open and peel it off the paper. Let the paint dry and voila, a beautiful piece of artwork made by your little one!

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