All Your Questions Answered About Early Phase Orthodontics


All Your Questions Answered About Early Phase Orthodontics

April 2, 2020

Many moms will have a lot of questions when it comes to orthodontics for their kids.  This is especially true when it comes to younger children. Today, kids as little as 7 years old are requiring orthodontic intervention. We spoke with Dr. Preet Virdee, owner of Hometown Orthodontics in Mississauga, to get the full scoop on orthodontics for children.

What is early phase orthodontics? 

It is preventative treatment for younger children to help avoid costly or invasive procedures when they get older.  If you have heard statements such as “he/she has a small mouth”, “there is not enough room for all the adult teeth”, “he/she needs to stop sucking their thumb”, “this baby tooth should not be here still”, then you most likely need to see a licensed orthodontist.

Who does early phase orthodontics? 

It may sound simple, but many people are unaware.  You should see a licensed orthodontist, not your general dentist.  Licensed orthodontists are specialists who have trained multiple years beyond dental school to learn about the nuances of teeth alignment.  This is akin to your family doctor performing surgery for you. They definitely have some knowledge about it, but you would want to have a licensed surgeon, who has had much more training and education, perform the procedure.

When should early phase orthodontics start? 

The answer varies depending on the issue that needs to be resolved.  However, The American Association of Orthodontists recommends having your child’s first orthodontic check-up by age 7 to address subtle problems with jaw growth and emerging permanent teeth.  This is not to say that something will be done, but it will allow a licensed specialist to continually monitor your child’s dental development as they grow older. Treatment would only be recommended when it is necessary.

Where should the work be done?

Early phase orthodontics should be done at a licensed orthodontist.  No referrals are needed to visit them. If you do not know one, you should consult with your dentist. You can also speak with family members or friends.

Why should you do early phase orthodontics if it is a recommended treatment? 

Many parents worry about doing orthodontics for a young child and how they will handle something in their mouth.  However, early phase orthodontics work in alleviating irregularities early on will avoid issues becoming increasingly complex as the child gets older.  These issues may require extractions of adult teeth or surgery to correct if they are not addressed early on. Age is a crucial factor as most treatments only work with the aid of your child’s growth and dental development.

How do licensed orthodontists treat issues in young children? 

There are a multitude of ways that a licensed orthodontist can help a child. Contrary to popular belief, orthodontists utilize much more than braces. The best approach is to speak directly with a licensed orthodontist regarding any questions you may have about your child’s orthodontic needs. Additional info and resources can also be found on the website for Hometown Orthodontics.

Hometown Orthodontics is a boutique orthodontic practice in the heart of South Mississauga, caring for patients in Port Credit, Lorne Park, Clarkson, Lakeview and surrounding areas. Treatment options include early phase orthodontics, conventional or regular braces, lingual braces, and Invisalign for all ages, from children to teens and adults. Call 905-278-6513, email, or visit to book your complimentary initial exam.

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