Stock up for the Summer: Fressy Bessie’s Fruity Ice Lollies


Stock up for the Summer: Fressy Bessie’s Fruity Ice Lollies

April 30, 2020

“I want the pea one!” My three-year-old daughter is just about bursting at the seams, jumping up and down and pointing to the green popsicle in the freezer.

To be clear, there are no peas in the popsicle. It is, however, a deep green colour, and she recently fed her baby sister her first pea puree. Now everything green is “peas”, apparently.

This overwhelming excitement is being directed to a special new treat in our home—Fressy Bessie’s Ice Lollies, a delicious line of healthy frozen treats made with pureed fruits and veggies. And that’s it—no juice, water, sweeteners of any kind, or preservatives.

The “pea one” is Fressy Bessie’s Organic Banana, Spinach and Mango flavour (the vibrant green colour comes from the spinach). It’s one of four flavours in the company’s Ice Lollies line, which also includes two single flavours—Organic Mango, and Ontario Organic Apples—and a second blend—Organic Wild Blueberries from Quebec and Organic Mango.

We decided to dive into these treats while on quarantine this April. The spring weather was warming up and I was all for trying out some healthy goodies. (Anything to keep the kids happy while stuck at home, am I right?)

Over the course of a week or two my daughter taste-tested all four flavours with glee. We ate them indoors, basking in the spring sun coming through the windows and dreaming of the summer season ahead. She liked them all but declared Mango to be her favourite.

I love a good treat that comes with zero guilt. As a health-conscious mom who tries to support local as much as I can, Fressy Bessie is right up my alley for two main reasons:

1. The treats are all-natural real fruit puree ice lollies without a long list of ‘extra’ ingredients. They are not overly sweet and taste just like pureed fruit on a stick because essentially, that is exactly what they are; and
2. They are the creation of local mom, Jackie Kwitko, and made right here in the GTA.

Bottom line: If you are looking for a healthy treat for your little ones, Fressy Bessie Ice Lollies are a great option. They are packed full of fruits and veggies. Flavours are relatively subtle, fresh, crisp and sweet (yes, even the one with spinach in it). I also loved the small size of the treats. They are really the perfect snack size for a young child.

Move on if: Your kids don’t like fruit, especially mango which forms the base of three out of four of the flavours. The ice lollies taste just like frozen pureed fruit on a stick and they are not overly sweet. Also the packaging (clear wrapper) is a little tricky to open without scissors, which could potentially pose a challenge if you’re out somewhere, for example on a picnic.

My kid, however, is a little fruit monster. Come summer our freezer will be well stocked with these.

Fressy Bessies Ice Lollies are sold at retail locations (including Longo’s and Metro), farmer’s markets and events across the GTA. For more info visit


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