Christmas lights without the fuss: Hire a pro like Shack Shine Mississauga


Christmas lights without the fuss: Hire a pro like Shack Shine Mississauga

November 5, 2020

When I was a little girl, my dad would climb up a tall ladder and install the Christmas lights on our house. I’ll never forget that magical feeling when they were first turned on and everything was bathed in warm, colourful light.

Years later and now it’s my turn to create that festive magic for my little ones. In our house hanging the Christmas lights marks the start of the holiday season.

Except that tall ladders and I don’t mix.

And tall ladders and my hubby don’t mix.

We moved into our house in 2018 and that first Christmas we wrapped lights around our porch. We did our best and it looked OK, but it didn’t feel… right.

Last Christmas we had a newborn. DIY-ing lights simply wasn’t happening.

Enter Paul, Sam and Aman from Shack Shine Mississauga—aka Santa’s helpers.

Shack Shine Mississauga is a family run business led by local dad Paul Molinaro. Custom Christmas light installation is one of their most popular seasonal offerings, along with gutter cleaning, window cleaning and power washing.

We hired Shack Shine to do a proper light installation. They came to our house for a free consultation to discuss design, colours and cost, and then returned a few days later to custom fit and professionally install beautiful coloured lights on our house.

The quality of the lights is amazing. Shack Shine uses only high-quality, commercial-grade and energy efficient lights in their installations—no old or store-bought lights. One of my biggest gripes with LEDs is how cold and stark they can look. These were much warmer in tone than the store-bought LEDs we used the year before.

We were also able to custom pick the exact colour combination we wanted. You can do all white or any of the colours. We went for the rainbow look—the nostalgia from my childhood and my eldest daughter’s love of colour.

This year we had Shack Shine Mississauga back. The lights had been fit from the previous year, so it was a quick install expertly tackled by Paul, Sam and Aman. And the best part—they also offer a removal service, so they’ll be back in March to take them down!

Another impressive part worth highlighting is their customer service. Last year one of our green bulbs burnt out. We emailed Paul to let him know and by the time I got home from work the next day it had been fixed. That’s part of their guarantee—they return to fix burnt out lights at no additional cost.

And—it needs to be said—staying inside on a cold day while a professional is outside safely installing your Christmas lights, well, that is some holiday magic this mama can get behind!

We look forward to having Paul and the Shack Shine Mississauga team back next year to do it again.

For more information about Shack Shine Mississauga’s Christmas light installation service, visit To receive a free, on-site estimate call 1-888-808-7751.

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