How to Make a Nature Ice Craft


How to Make a Nature Ice Craft

February 8, 2021

If you’re anything like me, you started running out of “creative mom” ideas for your kids a few months into the pandemic/lockdown (I started feeling tapped out around May 2020…). But every week or so I hear of something fun or think up an activity I’d like to try with my eldest child that caters to their interests and abilities.

My four-year-old is big on nature and crafts—anything from those categories is a sure hit.

This Nature Ice Craft was a mom win. She loved it. It gave us something fun to do together. It was easy and free!

Step 1: Bundle up and go on a nature walk. Collect some leaves/twigs/rocks/acorns/tree bark—whatever you find in your own backyard, neighbourhood or local park

Step 2: Lay out your nature treasures. Gather a small cake tin (I used a 6″ round tin, but a fun shape like a heart would be super cute for Valentine’s Day), some thick string (twine will do), and some cling wrap.

Step 3: Line the tin with the cling wrap

Step 4: Have you little one arrange their nature finds in the tin

Step 5: Fill with water

Step 6: Cut a piece of string and place either end an inch or two deep in the water

Step 7: Pop it outside to freeze

Step 8: Once frozen, thaw the back of the tin under warm running water. The cling wrap will slide the ice right out of the tin

Step 9: Rub with a little more warm water to remove the cling wrap

Step 10: Hang your frozen art outside and enjoy!

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