Power Wheels® Barbie™ Lil’ Quad™Review


Power Wheels® Barbie™ Lil’ Quad™Review

December 1, 2013

My little girl just turned two. She has three big brothers who are always into trucks/cars/anything with wheels and although they will (usually) include her in their play, she sometimes feels left out because, well, none of those toys are hers… and the boys let her know it.

So when the  Power Wheels® Barbie™ Lil’ Quad™ arrived at our front door a few weeks ago and she KNEW it was sent just for her, she was absolutely ecstatic – and the boys were uber-jealous- double win for the girl!

Power Wheels® Barbie™ Lil’ Quad™

It didn’t take me long to assemble it (the instructions were clear and easy to follow – a real bonus when you’ve got 4 young’uns trying to “help”), and the battery charged quickly while we worked at putting all the pieces together. As soon as it was ready to roar, my little girl jumped on (in true quadder-style, too – one knee on the seat and one on the sideboard!). I was a bit unsure what would happen once it took off, so I pushed the ‘go’ button for her, but it zoomed off slowly enough for me to feel comfortable letting her “drive” on her own. With a 2mph speedometer and 6-volt battery, it goes just fast enough for a little girl but slow enough for her mama or daddy to easily keep up!

The Power Wheels® Barbie™ Lil’ Quad™ is designed for ages 12-36 months and has a weight limit of 40 lbs. Luckily for E but much to her brothers’ dismay, the only one who is allowed to ride it is her because of the weight recommendation… although we did allow each one of the boys to take it for a spin around the kitchen island (It’s recommended for outdoor use only, however since we had quite a bit of snow on the ground when it arrived, it’s a basement toy for the winter).

Fisher Price says this toy is  “designed especially for toddlers, with easy push-button operation for simple stop and Power Wheels® Barbie™ Lil’ Quad™go.” It encourages balance and coordination, thinking and problem solving, as well as self-expression and confidence. My little girl absolutely loves puttering around the playroom on it, and I’m sure your little gal will, too!

For more information, visit Fisher Price.com!

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