Diono Radian RXT


Diono Radian RXT

May 16, 2016

In case you haven’t heard yet, Mommy Connections is pretty amazing!

I mean, we offer so much! From classes that you and your baby can grow with, getting the chance to interact with other moms, trying out new programs and learning new things about your ever changing world, and some amazing swag items. And those are just a few reasons!

Our last Mom and Baby class had a fantastic opportunity to try out a Diono Radian RXT. We proved with many of the babies, that this was a super comfortable seat. Not that they were saying anything, but their smiles said it all! I was a little concerned carrying the 26 lbs seat up and down the stairs each week to our class, but thankfully this seat folds up and you can attach a carry strap or load it into a backpack for longer travels (both sold separately) which makes it much easier to haul.

I own a Jeep Grand Cherokee, and while I love my Jeep, the back seat does not offer very much room. Especially for a rear-facing convertible car seat. With my first child, the only way we could get his seat to fit, was to put it in the middle. I hadn’t even thought that it wouldn’t fit when I bought it! Can you imagine my fright when we were having another baby. Where would I put her car seat when we needed to switch to the convertible? Then low and behold, meet the answer to my questions: Diono Radian RXT.

This seats slim design is made for small cars and SUV’s just like mine! And in mid size vehicles you can even fit 3 across. This seat grows with your child from a rear-facing seat to forward facing to a booster seat, which means this is the only seat you ever need to buy! You can easily see that this car seat was build with safety and security in mind with premium material and is meant to last.

I am over the moon excited for this car seat and it has been so much fun learning about it and the features along with the other moms in our group. Let us know if you have this seat and what your thoughts are on it!


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