The Organic Box Review


The Organic Box Review

March 27, 2017

One of my favourite parts of summer is that it is farmer’s market season. I was lucky enough to grow up with a mother that grew most of our own vegetables in the summer, and there is nothing better than fresh organic vegetables straight out of the garden. Unfortunately we live in a part of the world where gardens and farmer’s markets just aren’t available all year round. Being a mother of 2 busy children, I also sometimes find it difficult to make it to my local market. The Organic Box is a perfect solution!

The Organic Box is all the best of the farmers market, delivered straight to your door! They make it easy to enjoy fresh. local and organic food all year round and it is conveniently delivered straight to your door. The Organic Box shares this about themselves: “The Organic Box is a food family made up of local producers, warehouse and delivery staff working together to bring you the very best food available throughout the year. Finding sources of local, organic food is our passion. And working with local farmers who share our values is something we feel truly grateful for.

When you become a member of our food family, you are choosing to help create a healthy community and build your local economy. From the soil that nourishes its roots to the trusted hands that nurture it, we deliver great tasting, certified organic food you can feel good about eating.”

Learn more about their process here:

The website is super easy to navigate. You take a very simple test that helps pick the box that is best suited to your family’s needs (size and food preference). Once you decide which box will fit your family best, you get a detailed list of everything that is in your box. If there is something that doesn’t work for you, simply change the quantity of the item and add something different. If you ever have questions about what you are doing, there is a chat widget to help you out. I loved the website because I could browse on my own time, but there was also someone there if I needed it. To find out more about how to work the website, check out this video:

The red line at the top tells me I still have room in my box for more items.

Now the line is green and my box is ready to be confirmed!

A few days before the delivery of my box I received a call asking if I had any questions regarding my box and let me know when the delivery would take place. Delivery for Red Deer takes place on Thursday and lucky for me that is my day to be at home. When the delivery driver arrived, she took extra time to ask if I had any questions and explain the delivery instructions. She let me know that I can specify delivery instructions of where to place the box if I am not home and the day is too hot or cold.

Not sure if they will deliver to your area? You would be surprised at the amount of Alberta they deliver to! Check out there delivery map and schedule:

I was so excited to open the box and see the beautiful produce. Due to it being March, it has been a long time since I had farmer fresh produce. The quality of everything  was sensational! I was absolutely thrilled with everything. The grape tomatoes that I had ordered came with a sticker saying they were less than perfect so that item was free. Thats showed up as a credit the next time I went on the website to view my box.

I would have to say overall this company has been amazing to deal with. They are so dedicated to customer service, which is such a nice change from other companies and grocery stores. There is someone there to help you right from the beginning on the website right through to your delivery. The quality of everything I ordered was amazing. If you are interested in trying out The Organic Box please use voucher code: MOMMYCONNECT to receive $20 off your first order of $50 or more.

All this fresh beautiful produce has inspired me to do some cooking, so I have come up with a few recipe. All these recipe include some sneaky ways to include veggies in your little ones diets. I struggle to get my kids to eat enough veggies, so I like to sneak them into any and everything I can. Hope they can help you get some extra delicious veggies in your family’s diet too! Keep checking back for more healthy recipes all summer long.

Sneaky Zucchini Oat Cookies

Spinach Mushroom & Feta Frittata

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