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For new moms who want to find joy amid the chaos of early parenthood and a supportive community to rely on when the going gets tough, Mommy Connections offers a place for you and your babe to learn, laugh and connect with others in a meaningful way.

Over the course of 10 years, we’ve built a village of thousands, one mom at a time, and dedicated ourselves to making motherhood a little more manageable – and a lot more fun – through weekly classes, baby-friendly events and expert advice on topics that matter.

Prepare for pregnancy, birth and early parenthood


Learn, play and grow with baby while connecting with other moms
(0-18 MONTHS)


Try new things and go on an adventure with your toddler


A Message from Spruce Grove & Stony Plain‘s Chapter Director

Becoming a mom is an amazing feeling. But it can also be hard. And sometimes lonely. What I discovered quickly when my son was born, is that having a village makes all the difference.

I’m Karen Davey, President of Mommy Connections. When I was home with my newborn (more than 10 years ago now!), I met and became close with a group of other new moms. With them, parenting was more fun, less overwhelming, and the opposite of lonely. We still get together all these years later, and many have become lifelong friends. In other words, meeting those women at that time in my life was a game-changer. 

We run classes for moms and their little ones at various stages: mom and baby (for newborns to one year old), mom and tot (for 1.5 to four-year-olds), and mom-to-be classes for those who want to be prepared and make the very most of their upcoming mat leave.

Even though I no longer have a baby on my hip, I absolutely remember the challenges of breastfeeding, teething, and sleepless nights. My commitment to each and every member of Mommy Connections is to always be supportive of your parenting choices, and to provide comfort and a strong support network to help you navigate those challenging first years.

My mission is to facilitate connection and support, and ultimately make your parenting journey a little easier (and a little more fun!) for all of you.

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“Mommy Connections is a fabulous resource to connect you with services and activities in your community, but above all, it is about connecting you with other moms who you can share the highs and lows of motherhood with.”

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